Cordus and Sacrus are two devices with Russian technology, created with the purpose of alleviating and CORRECTING different problems of the spine, and to AVOID SURGERY.

They are applied to remove the spasms in the deepest muscles of the spine (where usually the root of the problems is), to which neither masseurs nor chiropractors are able to reach with their fingers.


Both CORDUS and SACRUS, work through a method developed by Russian doctors called AUTO-GRAVITATION, which uses the pressure of the body generated by supporting the area of the back to treat against devices and as a result they are able to stimulate the deeper intervertebral muscles.

These methods are so easy to use that you can place them without the help of another person and from the comfort of your home, as part of an integral therapy to counteract conditions such as sciatic pain, herniated discs, scoliosis, lumbago, etc.

The constant use of CORDUS and SACRUS will improve your spine and the rest of the body. It’s like having your own masseuse, chiropractor and acupuncturist at home.

The effectiveness of CORDUS and SACRUS is supported by more than 140 doctors and specialists, and by a guarantee of satisfaction, where if in the first 30 days of use the results were not what you expected, you can return the devices and we will return your money in full.

Do not undergo expensive, risky and complicated treatments, try CORDUS and SACRUS, which are equal or more effective than other methods, but with great difference in price, they are safe, efficient, non-invasive and with a guarantee of results.

Created by Russian doctors

Yury Koriukalov

Denisenko Vitaly

Cordus is a device developed around 2008 and 2012 by a team of Russian scientists and doctors; Its main inventors are Yury Koriukalov (Dr. Neurophysiologist) and Denisenko Vitaly (Rehabilitologist).


Bad habits and daily stress can cause relapses, but do not worry, you can always use CORDUS and SACRUS when your back needs it. You can share it with your whole family.

If you are currently in treatment, complement it with CORDUS and / or SACRUS to obtain better results and avoid making additional expenses.

These devices are not for all the problems of the spine, there are diagnoses of genetic, neurological or degenerative origin that require specialized treatments. In these cases, the devices can help to stop the development of the problem and alleviate the consequences of these diseases.

*Try it for 30 days, in case of dissatisfaction you can return it
* See our return policies


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$94 USD

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Kit Cordus y Sacrus

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$174.99 USD

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