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There are people who have a genetic predisposition to scoliosis and according to some doctors there is nothing to do in this case. We consider that this is a wrong position, since it is very important that people with this type of ailments give a permanent maintenance to their spine.

For example: when the person has a genetic predisposition to obesity but their diet and physical activity are normal, this person will not be overweight.

The same happens with genetic scoliosis. If the person performs a good maintenance of his spine, by discharging and strengthening muscles and ligaments, he exercises and takes the necessary supplements, he can avoid suffering the pain derived from scoliosis. The important thing is to start as soon as possible.

The important thing about the CORDUS and SACRUS devices method, as part of the integral therapy, is that a high level hygiene is obtained in the whole column in a simple and accessible way.