Comprehensive treatment for bad posture with CORDUS and SACRUS

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1. Cordus and Sacrus for bad posture

The Cordus-Sacrus Method is one of the most innovative, comfortable, and efficient ways to correct bad posture at home or in the clinic. It was developed by doctors in 2012 and is successfully applied to combat serious spinal diseases such as scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica pain, etc.


The Method has an orthopedic technology specially designed to release excess pressure on the spine and restore the correct muscle tone in the intervertebral muscles. This generates a series of cascading benefits that, in addition to correcting posture, also relieves pain and unlocks compressed nerves.


What is the Cordus-Sacrus method?

It is a comprehensive strategy of flexing, strengthening, and feeding the spine to correct, treat and relieve a wide spectrum of back and leg problems. The most important element of this comprehensive method is the use of two devices that are extremely easy to apply. The device's nodes penetrate deeper into the intervertebral and sacral areas, where most muscle rehabilitation techniques cannot reach (massages, chiropractic, and acupressure).

Compared to other orthopedic technologies such as inversion tables and traction tables, the Cordus-Sacrus method gives significantly faster and safer results. It also has fewer contraindications.

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2. General indications for therapy

Considering that bad posture in most cases begins from a functional imbalance of the muscles of the chest and in the upper back region, this causes these muscles to weaken or tighten excessively. In addition, where the deep intervertebral muscles are contracted, nerve failure often occurs.

It is important to follow these steps to correct bad posture:

  • Step one: You have to relax the tense muscles in the chest area and in the upper region of the back, thus recovering the functioning of the nerves and starting the self-correcting mechanism of the spine. This can be achieved through professional massage or with easy devices such as Cordus-Sacrus.
  • Terapia con Cordus para mejorar la postura
  • Step two: Through therapeutic exercises, we strengthen the back muscles so that they can maintain the correct posture again.
  • Terapia con Cordus para mejorar la postura
  • Step three: We create the habit of maintaining the correct posture all the time, for example with posture correcting girdles.
  • Terapia con Cordus para mejorar la postura

Mistakes when correcting posture

Not following the correct sequence of steps or not being consistent with the exercises makes the posture correction process impossible or time-consuming. For example, people often start to correct their posture by wearing a posture corrector and end up disappointed and with discomfort in the armpits and shoulders because that is not enough to strengthen the back.

Mala postura

3. Comprehensive Cordus-Sacrus Therapy to correct bad posture

By being part of a comprehensive therapy, Cordus and Sacrus can significantly reduce your treatment times.

To correct bad posture, apply the Cordus and Sacrus devices and perform special exercises to strengthen the muscular structure.

The therapy for bad posture is done as follows:

First, we use the Sacrus device under the Sacro-coccyx area along with a support (rolled towel) under the lumbar area, following the basic routine in the manual. Then we place Cordus going from the lumbar area to the cervical area. To end the therapy we use the Sacrus device under the diaphragm.

Terapia para la mala postura

At the end of the therapy, the muscle tone of the spine must be reactivated, performing the exercises mentioned in the Manual (basic therapy).

For better results, we suggest to complement the comprehensive Cordus and Sacrus therapy with exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, check and improve your lifestyle habits as they could continue to harm the problem, and consume some nutritional supplements.

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4. Application for patients who, in addition to bad posture, have other conditions.

For the use of Cordus and Sacrus, there are some contraindications and specific application measures for certain conditions

If you, in addition to bad posture, have other diseases diagnosed in the spine, consult the list of diseases (here) before applying Cordus and Sacrus and perform therapy for bad posture considering the indications for the other conditions that you have.

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