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Can the “Belfie” damage your lumbar?

Can the “Belfie” damage your lumbar? A selfie posture known as “Belfie” to show a curvaceous figure in the photos, is triggering spinal problems that can cause serious conditions such as lumbar hyperlordosis.

This is about the inward curvature of the lower back of the spine, which causes the buttocks to look more prominent. Although a small degree of lordosis is normal, this excess curvature can be chronic and is referred to as hyperlordosis.

By adopting this posture for a selfie, the spine tends to lean back to balance the weight of the abdomen, leading to a muscular imbalance in the back that causes tension and spasms, being the source of several problems in the structure of the spine.

Between the consequences of supporting so much tension, more pronounced changes are derived, which will cause the spine to move, increasing its abnormal curvature that with the passage of time triggers scoliosis or spondylolisthesis (when a vertebra leaves the correct alignment on the bone that it’s below).<

This wears the discs of intervertebral cartilage, causing herniated discs, sciatic pain that is the impingement of the nerves that pass in the area, causing movement disability.

What do you do if you love selfies or you already have lumbar problems?

Keeping your back musculature in good condition is very important to avoid the consequences of hyperlordosis, caused by belfies.

Yoga postures can help you to recover the correct muscle tone, however to reach the deepest muscles that accumulate all the tension and that do not relax during the rest neither with massages nor chiropractors, the best alternative is to use special devices to remove the deep spasms that occur at the sides of the vertebrae of your spine.

This method called Cordus, easy to use at home, takes care of your entire spine returning its proper muscle tone so that the vertebrae return to their original place and the discs regenerate.

While for the delicate area of the hip, which is easily deflected, its Sacrus complement, relaxes this complicated area of muscles and strong ligaments that requires great medical efforts. Thus, you can continue to enjoy selfies and at the same time take care of the health of your back.