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Carrying handbags causes Scoliosis 👜

Carrying handbags causes Scoliosis

Carrying handbags causes Scoliosis

Many women don’t realize that carrying handbags with their makeup, water, phone, wallet, shoes, and even the laptop could be the cause of back pain. Women can carry a weight equivalent to 6.3 kilos in their handbags daily.

This habit makes them susceptible to spine deviation (scoliosis), lower back pain, or herniation between the cartilages that dampens the movement of the bones of the back. The last one also can affect arms and legs nerves, and internal organs. In severe cases, doctors recommend invasive treatments and eventually surgery.

What can I do to avoid serious consequences?

By placing a lot of weight on one shoulder, we force our back to stoop, as a result of the weight of the head shifting forward, the shoulders rounding off, and changes in the way we walk occurs.

Doing yoga or Pilates can help strengthen your back, neck, and shoulders. At the same time, spinal specialists recommend using Cordus and Sacrus to eliminate tension in the deeper muscles that cannot relax on their own during rest and are inaccessible for therapists and chiropractors.

Thanks to its specialized design this device fits all the vertebrae of the spine, to get the root of the problem by reducing intervertebral pressure that compresses the cartilage that dampens movement, as well as the nerves of the entire body, allowing regain the correct posture and balance of the body.

Besides, applying this method in the comfort of your home or the office, you should take steps such as carrying only the equivalent of less than 10% of your body weight. You must alternate your handbag every 15 minutes each shoulder, but above all carry what you need most in your handbag.