CORDUS contributes to control GLUCOSE LEVELS

Cordus y Sacrus
Columna vertebral

In addition to treating the different conditions of the spine, CORDUS also helps in the control of type 1 diabetes.

Medical specialists have discovered that after applying CORDUS therapy, their patients’ glucose levels were reduced, which contributes to a better control of this condition.

You should not stop using your medications. Any change in dosage should always be prescribed by your doctor.

Consult your MD before making changes to your diabetes management program.

Cordus Guarantee CORDUS & SACRUS

The Cordus team wishes you a speedy improvement.

  • Make your return within the next 30 days after receiving your product.
  • Notify us when the shipment of the device is on the way and provide us with the guide number.
  • Once the device is received, we will review it and if everything is fine, we will refund the money in three business days.
  • The shipping cost when returning the product depends on the buyer.
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