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CORDUS vs Massages and Chiropractic

  CORDUS goes into deep muscles, massages and chiropractic do NOT.

  CORDUS is cheaper and it is used in medical clinics to help in treatments.

  CORDUS provides the magnotherapy benefits.

  CORDUS is much easier to use, elderly people can use it at home, without help.

  CORDUS helps to treat complex diseases, such as herniated discs, sciatic pains, 1° or 2° grade scoliosis, among others. Masseurs and chiropractors usually provide some superficial relief, some of them more specialized can work with those diseases, but their fees are very high and without any guarantee.

  CORDUS is able to use it on areas such as sacrum, coccyx and knees.

  CORDUS is portable, it weighs less than 200 grams, and can be carried everywhere.

  CORDUS can be used for all the family. Masseurs and chiropractors should be purchased with a higher price, besides they need some maintenance.

  CORDUS is safe because it involves the body weight and breathing control, allowing user to control the process.

  CORDUS is an organic method, it all depends on the user disposition. Therapies involving the hands of other people may be influenced by their emotional states. When we trust our body to the hands of other person, we receive their energy, which can be positive or negative, depending on their emotional state at the moment.

  CORDUS has a 30 days satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see favorable results, you can return the device, and you will get the full refund of your money.