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CORDUS vs Surgeries

There are cases in which surgery is inevitable, but it is very important to consult multiple opinions before undergoing a surgery. In most cases surgery can be avoided using other methods.

CORDUS is a noninvasive method. Surgeries are INVASIVE.

CORDUS is not risky. Surgeries related to the spine are RISKY.

CORDUS is cheaper. Surgery is expensive and does not provide a guarantee to solve the problem. Few times a well done surgery does not remove the cause of the disease, for example: muscle spasms. For this reason, the disease reappears in areas close to the one with the surgery. It is recommended to use CORDUS after 6 months of your surgery.

CORDUS can be used without help and in the comfort of your home. A post-operative case sometimes requires hospitalization.

CORDUS has a 30 days satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t see favorable results, you can return the device, and you will get the full refund of your money.