Avoid your disease advances with the preventive action of Cordus treatment

It is IMPORTANT that a diagnosis be made to determine which is the degenerative disease that suffers

CORDUS and SACRUS can only help to correct early stages such as osteopenia or osteoarthritis.

In more serious diagnoses, CORDUS cannot correct the problem or relieve pain related to the inflammation caused by your condition, however, its application in undamaged areas can help stop the spread of the disease to other areas of your spine, which is also very valuable for your health.

When can Cordus help you?

ARTHRITIS / ARTHROSIS: it is not recommended to use it directly in the affected areas, place it 3 cm, above or below this point, especially, it is recommended to take anti-inflammatories and undergo magneto therapy at least twice a year.

COXARTROSIS: help as long as there is no osteoporosis, if that is the case, you can use it moderately *, excluding the damaged area.

ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS: CORDUS can give relief, it can be applied up to twice a day, do not apply a device where the vertebrae are already integrated (joined).

GONARTROSIS: in addition to the basic points it is recommended to focus on the lumbar area (each of its vertebrae), sacrum and coccyx, avoid the damaged areas, place it in nearby segments (3 cm up or down).

OSTEOARTHRITIS: depending on the severity of the problem CORDUS can be applied to segments of the column where the pressure generated is bearable. It is advisable to use the device after a medication of inflammatories.

OSTEOFITOS: If you feel pain when applying CORDUS, avoid that area and work nearby.

OSTEOPENIA (PRE-OSTEOPOROSIS): CORDUS can be used moderately *

General Suggestions:

We HIGHLY recommend to add the SACRUS device into your therapy.

For better results, we suggest to complement the integral therapy of CORDUS and SACRUS with exercises suitable for your diagnosis, this way you can strengthen the back muscles and abdominals. Review and improve your life habits as they can continue to harm the problem and consume some food supplements.

For more suggestions read the manual carefully. Do not apply CORDUS in contraindicated areas.

Use it moderately:

  • Using CORDUS moderately means regulating the pressure by means of supports or applying it on a high-backed bed or chair, this way you won´t feel any discomfort. You must feel a soft pressure, but you never should feel pain.
  • Using supports can regulate the pressure, when it decreases you can remove them little by little (remove one or two books, or place a thinner towel).
  • Make sure that the spine is placed right in the center of CORDUS device, it is very important. But you can place it a little higher or lower and that will not be a problem.
  • If your condition is strenghtly painful we recommend not to place the device in the origin area, during the first 10 sessions place it at least 3/4 cm above or below that point.
  • Ask for help from another person in case of weakness or obesity, or use it on your bed, on a soft surface or sitting in a high-backed chair (the results will be equally effective, although it will require a greater number of sessions).
  • For higher efficiency we recommend using CORDUS together with SACRUS, adding special exercises according to your diagnosis and taking supplements to improve cartilage.