In this article you will know the differences between CORDUS and SACRUS, if you have doubts of which one of them to acquire (or purchase), then we will solve them:

SACRUS is more profesional to discharge the sacrum area, atlas, diaphragm, to decompress cervical area and to line up the coccyx. It performs the discharge in a different way to CORDUS. Also with optimal results. CORDUS supplies the digital pressure and decompressing effect from the atlas (first cervical vertebra) to the sacrum bone, it also performs digital pressure on sacrum and coccyx area and it can be applied on each vertebra. In order to recommend something we have to know the goal. The two devices complement each other. It is better to have both because the positive effect, for certain problems, increases by a range of 30-50%.

As an additional benefit, the application of CORDUS will be pleasurable for people who like massages, specially sports or deep. The CORDUS can be applied sitting on a couch that gives the possibility to apply it in several places, for example in office.

For those who know the mechanical type of performance (or work) related to alignment and balancing, SACRUS is recommended because its logic is the alignment from the two poles of the spine.

Difference in the application of CORDUS and SACRUS related to certain sufferings

For the treatment of herniated discs it is better to use CORDUS (notice that the common cause of hernias emergence is the incorrect position of sacrum that generates constant tension throughout the spine and muscle spasms resulting in hernia). It is advisable to add SACRUS if you have hernias in L4-L5, L5-S1 and cervical area.

For the treatment of sciatic nerve pain and hip pain, depending the cause-origin, both devices can be applied. For example, if the pain is generated by spasms in lower back, caused by hernia, it would be better to apply CORDUS, if the pain originates from the spasm of the piriformis muscle or microdisplacement of the sacrum, the application of SACRUS gives better results.

For foot numbness, pain on knees, ankles or legs dissymmetry (one larger than the other) SACRUS is recommended.

For the low back pain, the wastage of intervertebral discs, listhesis (displaced/moved vertebrae), osteochondrosis and radiculopathy, CORDUS is better.

IMPORTANT NOTE: consider that the common cause of the emergence of these sufferings, is the incorrect position of sacrum that generates constant tension throughout the spine and muscle spasms resulting in the mentioned conditions, therefore it is advisable to apply SACRUS too.

For neck pain and migraine both devices provide good results.

For scoliosis it is recommended CORDUS and SACRUS or SACRUS only. Through the osteopathic soft discharge, SACRUS recovers the correct position of the sacrum and relaxes the lower back.

Because of its special design CORDUS not only enters the deeper muscles removing muscle spasms, but it is placed between the vertebrae, separating them slightly and increasing the space between each one (decompressing and stretching), which helps to restore the functioning of the nerves, the adequate blood circulation and nutrition of the intervertebral discs.

For hyperlordosis CORDUS is better.

For alignment of the atlas, coccyx-sacrum, SACRUS is better.

For hyperlordosis CORDUS is better.

For diseases on internal organs, both devices are recommended. By discharging the diaphragm and correcting the position of the sacrum, SACRUS releases the internal organs and works better. By aligning the atlas, SACRUS helps to restore the proper functioning of the nervous system. CORDUS, by decompressing the vertebrae and removing spasms from the deep muscles, releases the functioning and communication of the nerves and supports the better functioning of the internal organs.

If you do not have the possibility to test the devices before the purchase, we suggest you acquire both and use them and use our satisfaction guarantee at the end of the same to decide according to experience, which one is better for you or you may wish to keep the benefits using both.

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The deep intervertebral muscles cannot relax by themselves after being stretched. The bad habits of daily life cause the appearance of new muscle spasms causing a number of sufferings and damaging the good performance of the immune system.

Example: We are all used to brush our teeth daily, but we do not have the same habit to take care of our spine, being this the most important system of the body. CORDUS and SACRUS are the “brush” your spine needs.

Apply CORDUS and SACRUS to provide high level hygiene throughout the spine in a very simple and accessible way.

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