Differences between CORDUS and SACRUS

Cordus and Sacrus Sacrus

Main differences between CORDUS and SACRUS

CORDUS and SACRUS are the complement of an effective treatment for home use, which will provide faster and superior results to your spine unlike other conventional treatments.

The ideal treatment would be the application of the two devices together, the therapeutic effect increases by 30-50%. But each device separately is very effective for people with back problems. If you want to choose only one, read the following information:


SACRUS is a device that corrects the incorrect position of the sacrum, which most adults have this condition, and the base of the skull, which are the fundamental causes of sciatica, herniated discs, scoliosis, low back pain, knee pain and much others.

Important: To correct these conditions, the most effective way is to correct the cause. There can be multiple causes of these conditions because the spine is an interconnected system. That’s why it is better to combat all possible causes by carrying out a comprehensive treatment using the two devices: CORDUS and SACRUS.

Actually SACRUS It is a unique instrument of its kind, there are NO other specialized tools to correct the sacrum. For specialists, correcting the sacrum is an almost impossible task.

CORDUS provides the effects of digitopressure and decompression from the atlas (first cervical) to the sacrum. It can be applied to each vertebra (recommended).

CORDUS Due to its special design it enters the deepest part of the intervertebral muscles safely and eliminates muscle spasms, which facilitates the restoration of the functioning of the nerves, promotes blood circulation and improves nutrition and regeneration of the intervertebral discs.

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Do you want to start with just one device? Learn how to use Cordus and Sacrus depending on your diagnosis.

Herniated discs: For the treatment of this condition it is better to use CORDUS (note that the common cause of the appearance of hernias is the incorrect position of the sacrum that generates constant tension throughout the spine and muscle spasms that result in herniation) . It is recommended to add SACRUS in case of having hernias in L4-L5, L5-S1 and in the cervical area.

Sciatica or hip pain: For the treatment of these conditions, depending on their cause or origin, both devices can be applied. For example, if the pain originates from spasms in the lumbar area, caused by hernia, it would be better to apply CORDUS.

Low back pain

If the pain originates from the spasm of the piriformis muscle or micro-displacement of the sacrum, the application of SACRUS gives better results.

SACRUS is recommended for numb foot, knee or ankle pain, and leg dismetry (one longer than the other).

CORDUS is better for low back pain, wear and tear on the intervertebral discs, listhesis (displaced / moved vertebrae), osteochondrosis and radiculopathy.

Invertebral disc problems

IMPORTANT: keep in mind that the common cause of the appearance of these conditions is the incorrect position of the sacrum that generates constant tension throughout the spine and spasms in the deep muscles, for this reason it is recommended to also apply the SACRUS.

For cervicalgia and migraines, both devices has good results.

For scoliosisis recommended CORDUS and SACRUS or just SACRUS. By gentle osteopathic discharge, SACRUS recover the correct position of the sacrum and relax the lower back.

For hyperlordosis CORDUS is better.

For the alignment of the atlas, coccyx-sacrum, SACRUS is better.

For internal organ diseases, the two devices are suggested. By unloading the diaphragm and correcting the position of the sacrum, SACRUS releases the internal organs and they work better. By aligning the atlas the SACRUS helps to regain proper function of the nervous system. CORDUS, by decompressing the vertebrae and removing spasms from the deep muscles, frees the functioning and communication of the nerves and supports the better functioning of the internal organs.

If you are not able to test the devices before purchase them, we recommend you purchase both and try them. We have a satisfaction warranty, you have 30 days to try the products and to decide on the experience: which was the most effective for the treatment or if you want to maintain the benefits of both.

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Apply Cordus and Sacrus to provide enhanced treatment so pain does not return.

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