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Do you keep the wallet in the back pocket of your pants? say hi to Sciatica

Although it seems somewhat harmless, 70% of men with this habit can suffer a contracture in the pyramidal muscle (the gluteus) and divert the hip. This causes pain because the sciatic nerve that runs throughout the leg is compressed, affecting mobility. If something is not done in time, an alarming statistic shows that 98% of the cases of this condition have irreversible effects that can only be resolved with surgery.

How to release the sciatic nerve without invasive methods?

As a first option to relieve pain, lower back and leg stretching exercises can be used.

However, for safer results and to correct the problem non-invasively, doctors recommend the application of simple tools such as Sacrus and Cordus. Although they are simple and portable, Sacrus and Cordus manage to eliminate tension in the sacrum (area of ​​the pelvis), thus correcting the deviation at the base of the spine, which is often a difficult task for specialists since it is a bone surrounded by several layers of ligament and strong muscles.

Another advantage of this method is that it can be used by anyone without help and without great medical skills, in the comfort of a sofa or rug in the home, thus avoiding long, invasive and expensive treatments.

Finally, it is important to have a correct diagnosis and obviously stop leaving the wallet in the back pocket of the pants.