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Does damage to the spine cause impotence in men?

Impotence or erectile dysfunction can be caused by problems in the spine where damaged nerves pass, affecting the correct functioning of the male reproductive organ, bringing the person closer to surgery with the possibility of not seeing the problem corrected.

According to specialists, it’s easier for impotence to affect men with lower back injuries. Of these, 75% fail to have satisfactory sex.

In first place, it’s important to know that erectile dysfunction can be due to the obstruction of signals that brain sends to organs through the nervous system that passes through the spine.

This communication failure with important messages for its functioning such as good blood flow, is due to nerves oppressed by the wear in the structure of the spine, such as the deviation of the coccyx or sacrum located in the hip, where the reflex is generated of the erection.

The micro displacement of the hip causes rigidity in the deep muscles of the spine that press the nerves affecting the impulses sent by the brain, causing problems of impotence in men.

Most people have this bone out of place because of bad habits such as leading a sedentary life or falls in childhood.

How can you avoid and correct erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction treatments will not be effective if communication between the brain to the male organ is not restored and if blood flow to the pelvis is not recovered, this is achieved by releasing the oppressed nerves by the tension in the deep muscles of the column.

For this reason an important step in the treatment of impotence is to align the entire vertebral structure starting with the base, which is the coccyx bone or sacrum. This may be difficult for specialists because it is an area surrounded by strong muscles and ligaments. Normally it requires long treatments and great medical skills.

However, today orthopedic technology has developed simple devices for personal use at home such as CORDUS and SACRUS that correct the root cause of the deviation of the spine located in the spasmed deep muscles that accumulate great tension and fail to relax by itself , including masseurs and chiropractors can not access with their fingers to eliminate stiffness.

As well as these devices are effective to improve the potency of men, they also correct serious backache such as sciatica, herniated discs, scoliosis, low back pain, poor posture, among other conditions related to the spine.