Is it difficult to use?

Using Cordus is quite simple. The device has 3 different sides for each vertebral column zone (cervical, dorsal and lumbar) It is placed on a firm surface or on the bed or even a couch and lying on your back up. While you are lying on, your column is on the CORDUS’ tips. this device does not touch our bones but our muscles around the column.

No movement is needed, just making pressure with your own weight. The muscles are around vertebral column cannot stand your own weight no longer than 2 minutes after that time the tips of CORDUS get into and open these superficial and deep muscles. In addition, because of its lightness CORDUS slips a bit for entering between vertebraes and splitting them slightly. This method is completely safe because it works with your own body weight.

What is CORDUS?

Cordus is an innovative device developed by Russian scientists for correcting and recovering our vertebral column, a solution back muscle pain, joints’ pain and improving our posture. In addition, prevents the delay in growth in height of children and teenagers (Osteochondrosis). Cordus helped the 99.5% of its users. Cordus allows you to use just one device in 15 minutes’ sessions, you can relax all the column deep muscles (neck vertebrae, thorax and lower back).

How does CORDUS work?

Cordus, is placed on a firm surface, and lying on it in a way that the column’s axis is located between Cordus edges. During 2 to 3 minutes thanks to our body weight and Cordus edges the deep muscles which are around of the cervical vertebrae are opened and relaxed. The CORDUS principle is the penetration that its edges do in all the column deep muscles, stretching and opening the joint veneers, restoring their movability. Cordus is also used in the magnetotherapy method since Cordus contains neodymium magnets. The method’s advantage is not only completely safe, because of the Cordus self-gravitation method but the opportunity of using it personally by the patient after knowing the procedure. And having the chance of using it at anywhere (At home, workplace, during a trip, or in a consultory and so on)

Why CORDUS works?

CORDUS: The Solution to back pain allows to work selectively any vertebrae column segment, as well as each intervertebral’s vertebrae and discs.

The vertebral column is divided in 3 main zones, which each vertebrae has different thickness or volume.

What problems does CORDUS solve?

Cordus has neodymium magnetos, they boost its results with Magneto therapy.

Achieving its best efficiency, Cordus has 3 sides in each vertebral column zone. the narrowest CORDUS side (SIDE C) It is designed to perform in the neck zone. The middle side (SIDE D) It is focused to work the column zone at the chest level. The widest CORDUS side (SIDE L) It is designed to work the column zone at the lower hip level la. When you lying on Cordus, your column is put between extremities that stand out, which are designed to reach the muscles around the vertebral column in a deepest way and safe without touching the vertebrae. Lying on Cordus and making pressure using your own weight, your muscles do not have another option but being relaxed. Thanks to the lightness of Cordus, it moves and is located in the most accurate place between the vertebrae and Cordus moves them away, allowing the column moderate stretch, widening and reducing intern pressure in invertebrate discs.

CORDUS works mainly  bettering the spinal column but its use brings itself lots of benefits such as: Back pain, headache and migraine, insomnia, sciatica pains, heart problems (angina pectoris, coronary heart disease), pain in your neck (Non-hereditary torticollis), poor circulation, bad posture, vision problems, ear problems, stunting of children and teenager (osteochondrosis), Myofascial pain syndrome, chronic muscle overload due to intensive training in sports, problems in the bronchi or lungs, problems in the stomach, intestine and liver, improves the body in general and the functional system. Prevents locomotor system failures in adults and children.

Could be CORDUS uncomfortable or cause pain?

The advantage of this device CORDUS is that it allows to regulate regulate the intensity of the pressure by using supports, such as books, towels or pillows. We have senior users, overweight people, and with serious problems and everybody is using the supports, they have used them without any problem and having good results. It is extremely versatile, it can be used on a mattress, a bed or a reposet, but we recommend using it on the floor with supports.

Who can use CORDUS?

Everybody can use CORDUS

It can be used in children to encourage height growth and solve bad posture problems.

In adults it helps taking away the back pains, the muscle and joint pains, bettering the organism in general. like blood circulation, migraine problems and so on.

Who cannot use CORDUS?

Cordus has some contraindications for people with specific medical conditions such as: • Specific and non-specific infectious processes in the spine and joints (osteomyelitis, tuberculous spondylitis and ankylosing spondylitis).

 Tumors in the spine and spinal cord.

 Malignant neoplasms of any location.

 Recent traumatic injuries to the spine or serious head injuries.

 Acute disorders of cerebrovascular circulation (cerebral infarction, atherothrombosis, occlusion of the vertebral artery and etc.)

 Scoliosis 3-4 degree of curvature of the spine.

 Hernias of the intervertebral discs with rupture of the fibrous annulus.

 Ankylosis: complete lack of movement of the joints.

 Spondylolisthesis: severe instability of the spinal segments (3-4 degree).

 Serious diseases of internal organs.

Does CORDUS cause pain?

If you are having back or column problems because the deep column vertebrae muscles are tense and with spasms, when CORDUS tips reach these muscles you might experience an uncomfortable sensation. The main CORDUS goal is to find these problematic zones and rehab them, then this sensation is good, you are making an advantage in your problem’s solution. When the main problem is reached, more seasons with CORDUS are needed. Many patients have claimed that They felt pain, however in a short time (1 or 2 minutes) having gotten a relaxation, they got the relief that they expected.

Watch what our patients say https://cordus.us/es/testimonios/ After using Cordus on a regular basis you will experience relief. CORDUS is not “miracle product” to the back problems, this little uncomfortable moment (1 or 2 minutes) will be transformed into a pain decreased after that a back problem relief. Remember when was the last time that you treated your back, CORDUS is safe and it totally pays off.

NOTE: Do not be afraid of this pain, due to the CORDUS method is totally safe (make sure do not have contraindications), It works with own body pressure, then if an uncomfortable stage is experienced do not worry. It is necessary to move to next stage where you are feeling relief. In some cases, it is recommended to relax the surface muscles (Taking a bath, breathing deeply or lying on 5-10 minutes for relaxing our back) before using CORDUS.



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