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Is spine surgery the definitive solution?

Factors such as weight, age, profession or even genetics can cause Herniated Discs appears in the spine, a condition that is most often treated with surgery, although only in 4% of cases it is necessary.

For many years, surgery has been offered as the definitive solution to the Herniated Discs, however, there are only improvements in 50% of cases and the patient can live with pain, since it does not solve the cause of the problem.

Although a well-performed surgical procedure replaces the damaged cartilage disc, removes the hernia or even fuses two bones of the spine, patients are also exposed to risks such as damaged nerves, infections or tissue deterioration around the implant.

In addition, the cause located in the spasms of the deep muscles of the spine can stop the recovery or cause a new hernia in another disk close to the operated in 3 to 5 years.

Another cause that surgery can not solve is the hip deviation due to falls from childhood or spending a lot of time in bad posture due to a sedentary lifestyle. This causes a bad alignment and strong tension in the muscles of the spine from the coccyx that compresses the intervertebral discs and causes the hernia.

For this reason, maintaining good muscle tone in the areas near the vertebrae is of vital importance to prevent that disc being compressed and achieve their regeneration. This is achieved through non-invasive treatments, such as physical rehabilitation and drugs, although in the latter case it takes more time.

What are the Non-invasive treatments for herniated discs?

Now that you know this, you should try to make the treatment of the herniated disc as less invasive as possible. However, in cases where surgery is the only option it is important to ask about the contraindications.

For both cases, the correct tonicity of the deep muscles of the spine must be recovered. This is achieved through the application of Cordus and Sacrus orthopedic devices for home use, which eliminates spasms naturally and non-invasively, giving a message that stimulates and relaxes them by means of acupressure.

In cases of surgery, so that a new herniated disc does not appear, this must be applied after six months.

Also, do not forget to strengthen your back with exercise, take care of your posture, avoid sedentary lifestyle and stress.

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