Do you suffer of herniated discs?

The CORDUS-SACRUS method helps to eliminate recent herniated discs or considerably reduce those that are already in an advanced process, except when the fibrous ring is already ruptured, through vertebral decompression.

This non-invasive technique can be applied at home or in the clinic, consists of recovering the natural space of the vertebrae, so that the intervertebral discs take their place and regain their volume.

Thanks to vertebral decompression, the resorption of the bulging disc (disc protrusion) or the herniated disc is allowed, and consequently, the nerves are released (sciatica, etc.) and the deep intervertebral muscles, the main responsible for low back pain, are relaxed. chronic.

Normally herniated disc treatments require from 2 months to a year or more for their application, it all depends on the size of the hernia. During this entire period, two visits per week with the specialist are required. The advantage of Cordus and Sacrus compared to treatments in clinics or specialists is that they make the process much more economical, comfortable and simple for patients. They are also the only method to treat herniated discs in a personal way and that allows treatment to be carried out throughout the entire column.

Discs are rehydrated, tissues regenerate (disc repair), and back pain is relieved as pressure on the spinal nerves or spinal cord is removed.

It is IMPORTANT that a diagnosis be made to determine the status of your hernia.

If your hernia is at least 8mm:

If the Hernia has less than 8 mm you can apply treatment with CORDUS directly in the area affected in a moderate way.*

If your hernia measures more than 8 mm:

If the hernia measures more than 8 mm, CORDUS can not be place over the damage area ,the correct thing to do is place it in nearby segments.(3 cm up or down) and viable basic points for two or three months, When suggested time is over, review hernia condition, in If the hernia decrease 8 mm or less, you can start placing the CORDUS in a moderate way. We recommend to complement your treatment with SACRUS.

Broken fibrous ring:

If the fibrous ring is broken CORDUS won’t be able to help the hernia.

If you want to use it to treat other problems and give relief in other areas, you can use 9 cm up or down from the broken fibro ring area.

Use in lumbar zone:

We HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for hernias in the lumbar zone or cervical to start your treatment with SACRUS.

In case of you having a hernia in the L4 and L5,,you should apply CORDUS placing your legs in a chair on top of a chair with the idea of CORDUS being in the exact point.

General Suggestions:

If you feel pain during the use of CORDUS (In general located the hernia zone) move the equipment to 3 or 4 cm up or down of the area you are feeling pain, do this from 3 to 5 sessions and try again in the zone were the hernia is located, in a gently way.

For much better result we recommend a complete integral therapy with CORDUS and SACRUS making correct exercises for your diagnostic to strengthen the muscles of your back and abdominals, check and improve your daily routine and habits ,Because they can keep on damaging your back, take some food supplements.

For more advises read carefully the manual.


Use CORDUS in a moderate way, it means to regulate the pressure through supports or applying it in bed and a sofa in the high back, this is for you not to feel any kind of pain. You most feel pressure till the point you can take it.

Using supports you can regulate pressure, when this decreases you can take them off little by little( take one or two books and place them from thinner to thickness)

Using supports you can regulate pressure, when this decreases you can take them off little by little( take one or two books and place them from thinner to thickness)

Make sure that your spine is right in the middle of CORDUS, There won’t be any problems if you randomly pick the points that have been recommended in this manual, you can place it a little higher or lower without any problem.

If you are suffering of a strong pain don’t place the device were the pain is originally located, during the first 10 sessions place it 3 or 4 cm higher or lower from this point.

Ask for help from another person in case of weakness or obesity, or use it on your bed, soft surface or sitting in a high-backed chair (the results will be equally effective, although it will require a biger number of sessions).

For greater efficiency we recommend using CORDUS along with SACRUS, adding special exercises according to your diagnosis and taking supplements to improve cartilage.