Herniated Discs

CORDUS device helps to eliminate recent herniated discs and reduce the size of herniated disc generated for a long time, as long as the fibrous ring is not broken. For most patients, application of CORDUS device will relieve pain from the first session.

According to medical protocols it is posible to reduce the size of hernias from 1 to 2 millimeters per month.

Approximate time for reduction of herniated discs:

– Hernias up to 3mm can take 1 course (from 10 to 12 sessions = 1 course).
– Hernias from 4 to 6mm take around 3 courses (30-45 sessions).
– Hernias from 6 to 8mm can take from 6 to 9 months.

Important: If the herniated disc measures more than 8mm the device cannot be placed directly on the damaged area, it is recommended to place CORDUS on nearby segments (slightly above or slightly below). After 2 or 3 months make a diagnosis with a specialist to check the hernia conditions.

If hernia is reduced to 8mm or less you can begin to apply the device on the hernia moderately, in this case use supports to reduce the pressure you do on CORDUS.

Did you have a herniated disc surgery? We inform you that surgeries, although well done, do not remove spasms of the muscles from the back, which cause the appearance of hernias. According to statistics 75% of people surgically treated for a herniated disc are more likely to have a new one near the affected area. As a preventive measure, after 6 months of your surgery, place CORDUS on the segments close to the operated area (slightly above or slightly below).

Important: When you use the device and feel a strong pain, you have to remove the device and move it a segment above or below the pain area, for the next 3 to 5 sessions.