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How to cure sciatic pain

Is sciatica curable?

Sciatica is immobilizing the world, but few people really know what its cause is and if it can be cured, that’s why we tell you here.

The demands of our lifestyle such as sedentary lifestyle, bad postures or forced movements can have negative consequences for the back and the mobility of our limbs.

First we must know that sciatica is not a disease in itself, but a manifestation that something is not right in our spine like a herniated disc
The structure of the spine is composed of discs of cartilage between the vertebrae which, when compressed by all the tension of the deep muscles of the back, cause herniated discs.
These abnormal bulges damage the nerves that pass through the spine, such as the sciatic nerve, the longest of all that runs from the coccyx or hip to the feet. When this nerve is obstructed by the hernia, pain begins in its path.

When you go to the doctor, you can prescribe anti inflammatories that will result in a temporary solution for sciatica, because this does not regenerate the hernia to release the nerve.

On the other hand, going to a massage therapist or chiropractor is expensive, since they only reach the superficial muscles with your fingers, making it a long and expensive process.

Cordus and Sacrus

However, orthopedic technology has developed Cordus and Sacrus, simple tools for use at home that get access to the deep muscles of the back to give quick relief and cure sciatica by effectively removing tension, thereby the blood circulation is improved allowing the arrival of nutrients to the cartilage for regeneration.

This treatment has more than 180 positive opinions of doctors and spine specialists. You can also complement it with exercises and mild stretching to condition the muscles.