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How to prevent health problems ruin your holidays?


Although holidays are one season a year to “rest”, in reality, we have an unusual attitude, so that pain or discomfort can occur easily and spoil these precious days.

One of the biggest drawbacks in vacations is that problems related to the spine and sciatic nerve are exacerbated.

The problem gets worse since we are far from home, our doctors and therapists with whom we have confidence. However, finding a good specialist can be difficult, expensive and ineffective.

Normally in case of a problem, people usually spend the rest of the holiday with discomfort consuming pills to reduce pain.

There is a simple way to avoid this situation if you take the small, light and simple orthopedic tools such as Cordus and Sacrus on your trip, which in most cases not only give quick relief but them help correct problems such as sciatic pain, herniated discs, scoliosis, etc. You can also use them anywhere: beach, grass, lounge chair, armchair, etc.

It is an excellent complement to your medicine cabinet as sunscreen, repellent, thermometer, antibiotics, gauze or bandages.

Also, the size and weight of Cordus and Sacrus are 200 grams each, so this treatment is ideal for storage in your luggage.