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How to regenerate the cartilages to treat Herniated Disc? The best supplements

How to regenerate the cartilages to treat Herniated Disc?

How to regenerate the cartilages to treat Herniated Disc?

Thanks to the cartilages our body is not a rigid structure composed of bones and have freedom of movement. However, they may wear out and herniated discs appear in the spine if we do not take good care of them.

To achieve this, the cartilage disc (which is an elastic tissue between the vertebrae that cushions its shock) must be well nourished by the synovial fluid that is responsible for lubricating it and keeping it strong.

This fluid can stop nourishing the cartilage for two reasons: one, not having the quality of sufficient nutrients and another by overloading the spine due to overweight, tension or sports activities that cause spasms in deep muscles of the back, affecting the good blood circulation and nutrients do not reach the tissue.

How to regenerate the cartilages to treat Herniated Disc?

How to prevent or treat the wear of cartilage discs in the spine?

These spasms accumulated by unhealthy habits gradually cause the cartilage to disappear until the bones are injured causing osteoarthritis.

Taking actions to nourish this important tissue can help regenerate it, some supplements are:

Glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin which are an important component of this tissue. Also, Collagen is a substance that is naturally found in the skin, muscles or bones and provide resistance to tissues.

As part of the treatment to restore them, the deep muscular spasms of the back that compress and wear out the cartilage discs causing herniated discs must also be eliminated. This helps to open the way for nutrients to enter the tissue for regeneration.

To achieve this naturally at home, therapists recommend the use of simple orthopedic devices such as Cordus and Sacrus that remove these spasms or tension in the deeper muscles of the spine, where masseurs and chiropractors cannot reach with their fingers.

Finally, remember to exercise regularly, drink water and before taking any supplement to regenerate cartilage consult your doctor to ask the ideal for you.



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