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How to relieve back pain fast?

Back pain is an inevitable condition due to the lifestyle of most of us. However, few people know how to relieve back pain fast. Being sitting in front of a computer for long periods makes us adopt a bad posture in addition to the lack of exercise due to time.

These and other factors cause a poor muscular tone in the back, with very tight deep muscles and weak abdominals that do not act as support in order to the spine does not overload.

The alarming thing is that if we do not end up with back pain once and for all, more serious conditions can come to our lives such as sciatica, herniated discs or organ problems, reducing the overall health of the body.

Fast and effective remedies to get rid of back pain fast

Here is the key to ending back pain quickly and naturally without taking pills or medications that do not address the cause of the problem.


The tension in the back causes the muscles to contract or shorten, which causes intense pain, so stretching should be regular. Some basic yoga positions can help you with this.

If you have sciatica here we give you some tips to perform these stretches.

Deep massage

We know that going with a massage therapist is expensive and impractical, and they also fail to reach the deepest tense muscles located near the vertebrae (where the root of the problem is) so many sessions are needed.

However, nowadays exist effective tools to remove tension from the deep muscles of the spine at home to relieve back pain fast.

Cordus and Sacrus are practical orthopedic devices that have reviews for more than 100 doctors and spine specialist. Also, are easy to use since you just have to lie on them so that they penetrate gently to the deepest part of your back where the spasms that cause you pain are located.

Its use is pleasant, removes stress and looks like a mixture of acupressure and massage. 

With this therapy stimulate, stretch and return the normal space between the vertebrae, which relieves back pain fast, releases the sciatic nerve that causes pain, helps correct Herniated Disc, Scoliosis, Low Back Pain, among others spine conditions.

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