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Is sciatica curable?

Is sciatica curable?

Is sciatica curable?

Sciatica is immobilizing the world, but few people know what causes it and if it is curable. Sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, or forced movements can have negative consequences for the back.

First, we must know that sciatic pain is not a disease, but is the manifestation that something is not right in our spine.The tension of the deep back muscles compresses those cartilage discs between vertebrae causing herniated discs.

The pain begins when the hernia obstructs the nerve. Herniated discs are abnormal bulges that damage spine nerves such as the sciatic nerve. This nerve is the longest it runs from the coccyx or hip to the feet.

Doctors can prescribe anti-inflammatories that will be a temporary solution for sciatica since the injured disc must reabsorb its hernia to free the nerve.

Also, masseurs and chiropractors cannot reach the deep muscles with their fingers so easily so going with them is expensive, because patients need too many sessions to start feeling results.

However, orthopedic technology has developed devices that gain access to the deep muscles of the back to effectively remove this tension.

In this way Cordus and Sacrus allow the regeneration of herniated discs to free the sciatic nerve.

These devices are very effective and have more than 190 opinions from doctors and spine specialists.

Cordus and Sacrus cure Sciatica