Comprehensive Therapy for Spondylolisthesis or Listhesis

Cordus y Sacrus
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1. Cordus and Sacrus for spondylolisthesis or listhesis

Spondylolisthesis is the displacement of one vertebra over another. It is characterized by causing vertebral instability. Conservative treatment consists of 2 main measures:

Vértebra movida

1) Performing special therapeutic exercises to strengthen the spine, specifically in the area with listhesis, and the abdominal muscles.

2) Eliminating excessive muscle tension in other parts of the spine using CORDUS and SACRUS, because lack of mobility of the spine in areas with muscle stiffness will cause increased hypermobility in the area with listhesis, which will aggravate the condition.

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2. General indications for therapy

Apply CORDUS in the areas close to the damaged area and in the others. DO NOT place the device directly on the affected area, but three centimeters above or below.

Apply SACRUS in the areas nearby the damaged area. Under the affected area put a rolled towel as support. Do not use SACRUS on the affected area. It is important to use supports in damaged areas that are not fully supported by the surface.

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3. Therapy for spondylolisthesis in the lumbar area

First, SACRUS is placed in the sacrum area and a rolled towel under the lumbar area. Follow Basic Therapy according to the Manual.

At the end of the therapy in the sacrum area, the CORDUS therapy will begin to be applied to the lumbar area, avoiding putting the device in the damaged area. Keep going to the dorsal area and end the therapy in the cervical area.

Sacro desviado

At the end of the therapy, muscle tone must be reactivated in each segment of the spine. We recommend you to perform the exercises mentioned in the Manual (basic therapy).It is important to use supports (folded towel) in damaged areas that are not fully supported on the surface.

Cordus en zona cervical

We HIGHLY recommend supplementing your therapy with special exercises to strengthen the muscles in this area (consult a specialist). Chronic weight loss is recommended in obese patients.


Severe instability of the spinal segments (grades 3 and 4) such as spondylolisthesis.


For better results, we suggest complementing the comprehensive CORDUS and SACRUS therapy with exercises appropriate to your diagnosis to strengthen muscles of the back and abdominals. Review and improve your lifestyle habits as they could continue to harm the problem, and consume some nutritional supplements.

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4. Application for patients who, in addition to spondylolisthesis, have other conditions.

For the use of CORDUS and SACRUS, there are some contraindications and specific application measures for certain conditions. If you, in addition to spondylolisthesis, have other diseases diagnosed in the spine, check the list of diseases here before applying CORDUS and SACRUS and perform the therapy for herniated discs considering the indications for the other conditions that you have.

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