Comprehensive Therapy for Low Back Pain with CORDUS and SACRUS

Cordus and Sacrus

1. Cordus and Sacrus for low back pain

The CORDUS and SACRUS devices are effective in removing muscle spasms that cause low back pain.

Using the CORDUS / SACRUS method, you can achieve relaxation of the deep intervertebral muscles, as well as the muscles and ligaments of the sacrum.

Low back pain

During the application of the Cordus-Sacrus devices, a constant and symmetrical pressure is made on the DEEPEST intervertebral muscles, where chiropractors, masseurs or therapists cannot reach to activate the process of regeneration of the discs and cannot release of the oppressed nerves that cause lumbar pain

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2. General indications for therapy

It is important to have a diagnosis supported by a CT scan or MRI, X-rays are not always enough.

For more information check the CORDUS and SACRUS manual.


3. Cordus Therapy

During the first 3 sessions, basic therapy should be applied. After the first 3 sessions you should emphasize the lumbar and sacrum areas, without forgetting to place the device at least one basic point in the cervical area and one in the dorsal area.

Remember that the spine is a single structure, so spasms in the cervical area could affect the lumbar area of your back.

Comprehensive therapy with Cordus and Sacrus for low back pain

CORDUS Lumbar zone

In case of experiencing too much pain in the lumbar area, and before starting to work on it, it is recommended previously to relax the sacro-lumbar area with SACRUS.

First, place SACRUS in the sacrum area, together with a support (rolled towel), under the lumbar area and then follow the Basic Therapy according to the Manual. At the end of the therapy in the sacrum area, the CORDUS therapy will begin to be applied in the lumbar area, from the point closest to the sacrum. Make advances to the dorsal area and complete therapy in the cervical area.

We suggest that, for best results, you complement the comprehensive CORDUS and SACRUS therapy with exercises appropriate to your diagnosis in order to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. Review and improve your lifestyle habits, as they can continue to harm the problem, and consume some nutritional supplements.

For more suggestions read the manual carefully.

CORDUS Therapy

4. Special application for patients who, in addition to low back pain, have other conditions

For the use of Cordus and Sacrus there are some contraindications and specific application measures for certain conditions. If you, in addition to low back pain, have other diseases in the spine diagnosed, check the list of diseases (here) before applying Cordus and Sacrus and perform the therapy for low back pain considering the indications for the other conditions that you have.


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