Treatment for low back pain with CORDUS and SACRUS

The CORDUS and SACRUS devices are effective in removing the muscle spasms that cause low back pain. In all cases of low back pain, basic therapy should be applied during the first 3 sessions. After the first 3 sessions you should emphasize in the lumbar and sacrum area, please don´t forget to place the device at least in a basic point of cervical area and one of the dorsal area.

Remember that the spine is a single structure, so spasms in the cervicals could affect the lumbar area.

In case you experience too much pain in the lower back, before starting to work this area it is recommended to relax the tension in the sacrum with the same CORDUS device or with SACRUS.

For better results we suggest to complement the integral therapy of CORDUS and SACRUS with exercises suitable for your diagnosis , this way you can strengthen the muscles of the back and abdominals, review and improve your life habits as they can continue to harm the problem and consume some food supplements.

For more suggestions read the manual carefully..