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Neck pain can ruin your day easily. Do not let it happen!

Move your head, look for something, read, sit, lie down, breathe, any movement can cause discomfort, when you have neck pain. This condition causes that the entire spine to lose its correct alignment, which generates pressure on the discs that cushion the movement of the cervical spine, resulting in a hernia that only invasive methods and surgery can cure.

Seven out of ten people suffer from neck pain at some point in their lives.

The mobility of the neck is unequaled, but the longer we adopt a bad posture, is bigger the risk of suffering deep muscular tensions to maintain the balance of the entire spine. This in turn, hurts the nerves located on the sides of the spine, which absorb a lot of energy, creating pain and numbness in the arms, shoulders and affecting internal organs.

How can I restore the health of my neck without invasive methods?

Neck pain is related to an injury with the first vertebra of the spine known as Atlas, which is placed exactly below the hollow of the skull so it is very difficult to get access to it. The displacement of the atlas causes a constant and strong tension throughout the spine that over the years triggers serious conditions such as herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis, intervertebral disc wear, knee and hip pain, among others.

Doctors and Spine specialists use reliable and efficient methods such as Cordus to reach this inaccessible area and stimulate the deeper contracted cervical muscles that with rest can not recover by themselves 100%.

This treatment is complemented by Sacrus an anatomically designed device that specializes in restoring the alignment of the poles of the spine. The benefit for patients is that they can be used from the comfort of home or office in the armchair or a rug. In addition to Cordus and Sacrus, it is recommended to practice different positions of restorative yoga in the hands of a professional, to strengthen the muscles and relieve tension so that the spine returns to its natural and healthy form.