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How to return the device?

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If it has not been more than 30 days after receiving the product, we will refund your money in full. Here you will find all the information to make this process successfully. TO MAKE the return VALID, share the return guide number with us.

Important Information:

Less than 1% of the people who buy our devices return it, and when we make a research about why, we find the following reasons:

1.- 93% of those who have requested a refund have used the device incorrectly, which causes inconvenience. This is because users did not read the manual or due to lack of a diagnosis supported by MRI or CT.

In our office we have attended people up to 90 years old who, with the correct application, do not experience any discomfort.

The pain shows that the device is applied with excess pressure or in the contraindicated area. Check the information here:

Low back pain

2.- 5% of those who have requested the refund do not see improvement quickly and they believe the device does not work. Remember that for some diagnoses it is necessary to make more than 10 sessions and / or complement their therapies with the use of SACRUS.

In our opinion, returning the device is losing an opportunity to live fully without pain. What are you going to do with your condition? How much more will you continue to suffer?

Live healthy using Cordus

Ask for two additional weeks to use Cordus / Sacrus correctly and achieve an improvement.

Return Process:

1. Send us the product by the parcel or shipment company of your preference *.

TO MAKE the return VALID, share the tracking number of your return, purchase date and your contact by one of these options: by phone at +1-646-933-1441 or WhatsApp at +1-609-375-0813

The return address is 101 Ellis Str, 2FL, STE 9, Staten Island, NY, 10307

Ask for two additional weeks to use Cordus / Sacrus correctly and achieve an improvement.

Return Policy:

The buyer can return the product for any reason within a time lapse of 30 days from the moment of receiving it. The cost of shipping and choice of parcel is up to the buyer. The refund is made within 5 business days from the moment the product is received at our facilities.


  • 1.- Please send the product directly to our offices by the parcel service of your preference, the cost of return shipping will be on your own. Make sure you write the address correctly in the package and send us the product to: Vital Spark LCC. 101 Ellis Str, 2FL, STE 9, Staten Island, NY, 10307
  • 2.- Send us by e-mail to the following information: Purchase date and method (PayPal or Stripe). Order number, name of person in on the order Tracking number of company you used to send us back the product Reason why the product is returned (information just for statistical purposes)

Important: In case your purchase has been made via PayPal, Ebay or Stripe the refund will be made from these platforms.

You can write us at:

Call us at: 1-646-933-1441

Cordus Guarantee CORDUS & SACRUS

The Cordus team wishes you a speedy improvement.

  • Make your return within the next 30 days after receiving your product.
  • Notify us when the shipment of the device is on the way and provide us with the guide number.
  • Once the device is received, we will review it and if everything is fine, we will refund the money in three business days.
  • The shipping cost when returning the product depends on the buyer.
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