Return Policy

If your purchase is within the 30 days of satisfaction guarantee, we will refund your money in full, below you will find steps must follow for this purpose.

Less than 1% of people who buy our devices feel dissatisfied with them. When we found the reason why, we find that most of them do not apply therapy with CORDUS and SACRUS according to the manual, and this causes discomfort or lack of results.

Before proceeding with the return please read this IMPORTANT information and make sure that you did not commit the “Common Errors” and if this was the case we can extend a Guarantee extension of 15 days so that you try to apply your therapy omitting the mistakes made and thus enjoy the benefits of our devices

Error - “I was not able to use CORDUS because I felt discomfort”: Remember, the pressure that CORDUS will apply on your back, absolutely depends on you. Among CORDUS users, we have 80 years old people with serious diagnoses that does not experience any discomfort by applying therapy in a correct way.

To make a comfortable and effective therapy at the same time, follow all the advices described in the manual, to adjust the ideal level of pressure in each zone. It’s simple. Take the opportunity to improve your health. You have to feel a tolerable pressure and without discomfort. Ask for help to support at the following number 1-646-933-1441

Error - Lack of diagnosis from a spine specialist: If you do not know the diagnosis of your condition, you are on risk of using CORDUS in a contraindicated area (see the manual in the section of Contraindications, Special Diagnostics and Particular Cases).

It is very important that you have a diagnosis made by a spine specialist, based on resonances, x-rays or tomographies.

ATTENTION: Diagnoses that are not based on these studies may be wrong or insufficient to determine a successful treatment. Use CORDUS and SACRUS according to the manual and considering your correct diagnosis.

Error - Application of the Cordus in an INFLAMED zone: Inflammation must be previously reduced, or even avoid applying therapy with CORDUS in this area for a period of time.

Error - Apply therapy FEELING PAIN: It is not right to apply CORDUS or SACRUS feeling pain, thinking that excess of pressure will help you to recover faster from your condition. You have to feel a tolerable pressure and without discomfort.

Error - Few sessions: In some situations, it is necessary to make more than 10 sessions and complement their therapies using SACRUS in order to reach satisfactory results.

It is advisable to make therapy along the entire spine, not only on the damaged area and perform exercises to reactive muscle tone after making therapy with Cordus and SACRUS

Situations in which CORDUS does not give noticeable relief:

Diagnoses of genetic, neurological or degenerative origin: In these situations, Cordus does not always give noticeable relief, however, as the discomfort of these diseases causes muscle spasms and other negative consequences, CORDUS and SACRUS, being part of an integral therapy, can help stopping the advance and development of other conditions.

CORDUS and SACRUS are not magical. In cases of strong deterioration, the benefit with the therapies will be to stop the advance, INVALUABLE ACTION when facing a situation of worsening in the condition of your health.

If in your condition, you do not notice relief or noticeable improvement, we recommend you keep on using CORDUS and SACRUS for the following reasons:

An effective complement of other therapies

Therapies with CORDUS and SACRUS can be applied as an effective complement with other therapies, in this way you will get better results and also avoiding making additional expenses. In case of serious diagnosis, it is recommended to apply the maximum number of safe treatments within your possibilities.

CORDUS and SACRUS provide the same benefits of acupressure (finger pressure), alignment and decompression. Their constant use will provide an improvement in your spine and the rest of your body, even if apparently it is not always so remarkable. It’s like having your own masseuse, therapist or osteopath at home.

To prevent relapses

Therapies with CORDUS and SACRUS will help you to avoid relapses after having improved. For the maintenance of the hygiene of your spine it is advisable to use them 1 or 2 times a week.

To avoid relapses and negative consequences after surgery

Many times a well-performed surgery does not remove the cause of the condition, for example, it does not remove muscle spasms, micro-displacement of the sacrum and some other ailments, so the problem may appear back in areas close to the one already operated.

Apply the treatment with CORDUS and SACRUS after 6 months of having a surgery, to reduce the negative consequences of it, and to not allow the resurgence of complications.

If you have decided to return the product and it is within the period of 30 calendar days from the date it was acquired and is in good condition (without scratches, bumps, marks or other damage) the steps you must follow are the following:

The return of your money will be made 2 to 3 business days after the product arrives at our warehouse, it is verified that it is in good condition and you have provided the information that is required


1.- Please send the product directly to our offices by the parcel service of your preference, the cost of return shipping will be on your own.

Make sure you write the address correctly in the package and send us the product to:

Vital Spark LCC.
101 Ellis Str, 2FL, STE 9, Staten Island, NY, 10307

2.- Send us by e-mail to the following information:

Purchase date and method (PayPal or Stripe). Order number, name of person in on the order Tracking number of company you used to send us back the product

Reason why the product is returned (information just for statistical purposes)

Important: In case your purchase has been made via PayPal, or Stripe the refund will be made from these platforms

You can write us at:

Call us at 1-646-933-1441

If you have decided to take advantage of the guarantee extension, congratulations! we are sure that you will obtain great benefits from CORDUS y SACRUS.

If you have decided to return the device, remember that we will always be at your disposal to advise you.


Customer Service Team Cordus.