Return Policy

Please send us the product to the following address: 101 Ellis Str, 2FL, STE 9, Staten Island, NY, 10307 on behalf of Vital Spark LLC.

If not more than 30 days have passed after your purchase we refund your money in full, below we explain how to request the refund.

We have very few returns, less than 1% of the people who purchase our devices return them, and when we investigate why, we find these reasons:

1) 80% (of the 1% of returns) use the device incorrectly, many times for not reading the manual, it causes nuisance (or discomfort).

For people with several spine problems it is recommended to use CORDUS in bed or on a couch/sofa in order to reduce pressure between the device and your spine. In our office, we attend people up to 90 years old who, with the right application, do not experience any discomfort.

The right diagnosis is the best tool (x-ray or resonance with the opinion of your specialist family doctor) and apply CORDUS properly.

2) 5% (of the 1% of returns) do not see improvement quickly and think the device does not work. We must remember that for some situations it is necessary to make more than 10 sessions and/or complementing your therapies by using CORDUS or SACRUS, depending on the case (sciatica, foot numbness or hip pain). Also keep in mind that CORDUS and SACRUS should not be placed on swollen areas, first reduce swelling in the damaged area by using ointments, arnica/rosemary compresses, or taking some anti-swelling prescribed by your doctor.

3)The rest of the returns are because the buyer (or customer) learned his diagnosis after the purchase and this appears in the counter-indications of the devices.

In our opinion if you do not have counter-indications do not return the device. We explain to you why:

What are you going to do with your suffering? Which (or what kind of) treatments are you going to carry out?

There are very few options to solve your problem, which are often expensive and without a guarantee by means. Probably a medium or long-term rental.

CORDUS and SACRUS provide the same benefits of digital pressure, decompression and magnet therapy.

It is obvious that the constant use of CORDUS, SACRUS or both will improve your spine and the rest of the body. It is like having your own massage therapist, chiropractor and acupuncturist at home. Bad habits and daily stress could cause relapses, you can always use CORDUS when your back needs it.

CORDUS and SACRUS can be applied along with other therapies, in this way you will get better results and avoid making additional expenses. These devices will help you to avoid relapses after you have improved.

In situations when diseases are caused by diagnosis of genetic, neurological or degenerative origin that requires specialized treatments, the devices do not give noticeable relief, however, since the discomfort caused by these diseases provoke muscle spasms that press nerves and produce pains and other negative consequences, CORDUS and SACRUS can provide relief and maintain the spine in good condition, preventing the development of other diseases and improving the body’s immune level to fight the main problem more effectively.

If you have definitely decided to return the device and you are in the period of validity of 30 calendar days after you have it with you, and the device is in good conditions (without scratches, bumps, marks or other damage), follow these steps:

Send us the product to the following address: 101 Ellis Str, 2FL, STE 9, Staten Island, NY, 10307 on behalf of Vital Spark LCC.

***********Please send us the postal service and tracking number of the package that you use to return the product***********