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Comprehensive Therapy for Sciatica with Cordus and Sacrus

Cordus and Sacrus

1. Cordus and Sacrus for sciatica

With the application of the CORDUS and SACRUS devices, you can not only relieve sciatica or hip pain, but you can also correct the cause of your discomfort in most cases.

In most cases, pain relief is achieved from the first therapy. The degree of correction will depend on the complexity of the diagnosis, the age of the patient, and other factors.

CORDUS and SACRUS are effective when your sciatica condition is caused by: a herniated disc, scoliosis, lumbar spasms, inflammation of the piriformis muscle, listhesis, contractures, among others. These causes cause the absolute majority of discomforts such as sciatica or pain in the hip and are rooted in deep hypertensive muscles of the lumbar and sacrum where common therapies normally do not reach.

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Using the CORDUS/SACRUS Method, relaxation of the deep intervertebral muscles and the muscles of the sacrum is achieved, vertebral decompression and reabsorption of the bulging disc (disc protrusion) or herniated disc are allowed and, consequently, the nerves are released ( sciatica, etc.).

During the application of Cordus and Sacrus, constant and symmetrical pressure is exerted on the DEEPEST intervertebral muscles. Chiropractors, masseurs, or therapists cannot reach that area to activate the process of regeneration of the discs and deliberation of the oppressed nerves that cause sciatic or hip pain.

Sciatic pain

Method Advantage: Multiple factors can cause hip pain. Many of them are located in the lumbar or the sacrum area. To achieve the best and comprehensive therapeutic effect, apply Cordus along the spine and Sacrus in the sacral area.

The time to begin to notice the correction of the problem will depend on the severity of the diagnosis, the age of the patient, and other factors.

What is Sciatica?

For example: loosening the lower back is a fairly quick process. However, correcting a herniated disc in the lower back as a frequent cause of lower back pain or sciatica is always a long process. Regardless of whether it is performed, in the clinic or at home, the process requires 2 to 6 months or more, and relaxation and spinal flexibility therapies must be constant and multiple.

For this reason, an effective method that can go deeper than the fingers of a specialist, that can be applied at home and that saves a lot of money and travel time, is very useful for those who want to recover their normal activities. If you are already in treatment with a specialist, the use of Cordus enhances and speeds up the results.

In the case of nervous, genetic, degenerative diseases, among others, to achieve relief in its acute phase it is required in parallel to applying other therapies and/or anti-inflammatory measures. In this situation, the Cordus-Sacrus method also provides important benefits for the spine but is already an adjunctive therapy.


2. General indications for therapy

A diagnosis must be made to determine the cause of your pain. Once you are aware of your condition, perform your therapy according to the manual and the SUFFERINGS section. Additional details can also be seen in the following links: herniated disc, scoliosis, listhesis.

Low back pain

We HIGHLY recommend integrating the SACRUS device into your therapy. For best results, complement the integral CORDUS and SACRUS therapy with exercises appropriate to your diagnosis to strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen. Review and improve your lifestyle habits as they can continue to harm the problem and consume some nutritional supplements. For more suggestions read the manual carefully.

3. Comprehensive therapy with Cordus and Sacrus for Sciatica

First, Sacrus is placed in the sacrum area together with a rolled towel under the lumbar area and follow the Basic Therapy according to the Manual. At the end of the therapy in the sacrum area, the Cordus therapy will begin to be applied in the lumbar area, from the point closest to the sacrum. Advances in the dorsal area and therapy in the cervical area are completed.

SACRUS Cervical Zone

For SCIATIC PAIN or discomfort in the hips and legs, we recommend ending the therapy with the following exercise: Lying down with the legs straight, bend one knee, inhale, and when exhaling with an effort of 20-30%, stick the knee to the chest, fix knee at that point and continue to inhale and exhale. Each time you exhale try to bring your knee closer to your chest, do this for two minutes for each leg. Keep your head close to the surface and the other leg straight (photo 16).


4. Application for patients who, in addition to sciatica, have other conditions

For the use of Cordus and Sacrus, there are some contraindications and specific application measures for certain conditions. If you, in addition to sciatica, have other diseases diagnosed in the spine, consult the list of diseases (here) before applying Cordus and Sacrus and perform the therapy for sciatica considering the indications for the other conditions that you have.

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