Comprehensive Therapy for Sciatica with Cordus and Sacrus

Cordus and Sacrus

1. Cordus and Sacrus for sciatica

With the application of the CORDUS and SACRUS devices, you can not only relieve sciatica or hip pain, but you can also correct the cause of your discomfort in most cases.

In most cases, pain relief is achieved from the first therapy. The degree of correction will depend on the complexity of the diagnosis, the age of the patient, and other factors.

CORDUS and SACRUS aare effective when sciatica or hip pain is caused by herniated discs, scoliosis, lumbar spasms, piriformis muscle inflammation, listhesis, contractures, or other conditions.

These conditions are rooted in the deep hypertensive muscles of the lumbar and the sacrum, where habitual therapies do not usually reach.

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Using the CORDUS/SACRUS Method, the deep intervertebral fibers and the sacral region muscles are relaxed. This action allows vertebral decompression and reabsorption of the bulging disc (disc protrusion) or disc herniation. Consequently, the compressed nerves are released, and sciatic pain is avoided.

During the use of the Cordus and Sacrus, the devices exert constant and symmetrical pressure on the deeper intervertebral fibers. For chiropractors, massage therapists, or physical therapists is impossible to reach that area to activate the process of disc regeneration and release of the pinched nerves that cause sciatic or hip pain.

Sciatic pain

This method has two advantages that make it different from all other techniques for treating spinal conditions.

  • Cordus allows you to treat the deepest muscles of all the 3 spinal regions with a single device.
  • Sacrus is the only device on the market created specifically to treat the sacral area.

Many factors such as the severity of the diagnosis, the age of the patient, etc., can influence the time the user begins to notice the effects of Cordus and Sacrus.

What is Sciatica?

For example, loosening the lower back is a quick process. However, correcting a herniated disc in the lower back as a frequent cause of lower back pain or sciatica is always a long process. The treatment in a clinic or at home will require 2 to 6 months or more. Also, relaxation and spinal flexibility therapies must be constant and multiple.

What you need to return to your daily activities is an effective method that goes deeper than a specialist's fingers and a device you can apply at home. Cordus and Sacrus offer you this and also allow you to save money and time.

If you are already in treatment with a specialist, using Cordus enhances and speeds up the results.

To achieve relief during the acute phase of nervous, genetic, and degenerative diseases, etc., you must apply other therapies and anti-inflammatory measures. In this situation, the Cordus-Sacrus method also provides prime benefits for the spine but acts as adjuvant therapy.


2. General indications for the therapy

A diagnosis must determine the cause of your pain. Once you know your condition, perform your therapy according to the manual and the SUFFERINGS section. You can look for additional details in the following links: a herniated disc, scoliosis, and listhesis.

Low back pain

We HIGHLY recommend integrating the SACRUS device into your therapy. Complement CORDUS and SACRUS with appropriate exercises to your diagnosis to strengthen the back and core muscles so you can have better results. Review and improve your lifestyle habits as they can continue to harm the problem, and consume some nutritional supplements. For more recommendations, read the manual carefully.

3. Comprehensive therapy with Cordus and Sacrus for Sciatica

First, Sacrus is placed in the sacrum area with a rolled towel under the lumbar region and follow the Basic Therapy according to the Manual. When you have finished, you will start with the Cordus therapy in the lumbar area, from the closest point to the sacrum. Continue with the dorsal region and the cervical area to complete the treatment.

SACRUS Cervical Zone

For SCIATIC PAIN or discomfort in the hips and legs, we recommend finishing the therapy with the following exercise: Lying down with the legs straight, bend one knee, inhale, and when exhaling with an effort of 20-30%, stick the knee to the chest, fix knee at that point and continue to inhale and exhale. Each time you exhale, bring your knee closer to your chest and do this for two minutes for each leg. Keep your head close to the surface and the other leg straight (photo 16).


4. Application for patients who, in addition to sciatica, have other conditions

For the use of Cordus and Sacrus, there are some contraindications and specific application measures for certain conditions. If, in addition to sciatica, you have other diseases diagnosed in the spine, consult the list of diseases (here) before applying Cordus and Sacrus. Remember to perform the therapy for sciatica considering the indications for your other conditions.

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