Comprehensive Therapy for Scoliosis / Rotoescoliosis with CORDUS and SACRUS

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1. Cordus and Sacrus for Scoliosis.

One of the most effective technologies for treating scoliosis is the non-invasive Cordus-Sacrus method. It is an integral strategy of flexibilization, strengthening and alignment of the spine, which, because it is quite simple, can be applied not only in the clinic, but also at home by the user himself (except in cases where the initial curvature is greater than 50 °).

If we compare this method with other similar strategies, it has the advantage that through a couple of simple, easy-to-use orthotics, it provides better flexibility and recovery of the spine. The Cordus and Sacrus devices have anatomical tips that penetrate deeper into the intervertebral areas and the sacrum area, reaching where most other muscle rehabilitation techniques fail (massage, chiropractic and acupressure). In addition, it is much cheaper and offers significantly faster and safer results. It also has fewer contraindications.

Timely use of the Cordus-Sacrus method can help avoid surgical intervention. It must be considered that the scoliosis correction process is slow, from five to six months on average, and relaxation and spinal flexibility therapies must be constant and multiple. That is why an effective method that can go deeper than the fingers of a specialist, that can be applied at home and that saves a lot of money and travel time, is very useful to those who want to improve their posture.

It should be noted that another important pillar of treatment with Cordus and Sacrus are the active therapeutic exercises that can be performed in addition to the application of the devices.

Esquema Cordus
Esquema Cordus

2. What is the progress I can make with the CORDUS and SACRUS treatment for scoliosis?

In most cases pain relief is achieved from the first therapy. In six months of treatment, in addition to relieving or eliminating pain and significantly improving the patient's mobility, the following results can be achieved:

  • In young people up to 25 years old, the curvature can be reduced by up to 50%. *
  • People ages 25 to 49 can expect curvature reduction between 25% and 30%. *
  • If the initial curvature is greater than 50 °, or the person is older than 50 years, a reduction of about 5 ° can be expected. *
  • If the cause of scoliosis is genetic, the degree of correction that can be expected ranges from 5th to 10th. *

* Other factors such as obesity, the age of the patient, bad habits, the existence of other diseases in the spine, etc., can affect the results of the treatment and slow progress.

In all cases, regardless of the degree of curvature correction, when using the Cordus and Sacrus method, people stop the progression of the problem, feel relief, improve their mobility.

Special cases:

In case the major cause of scoliosis is an infection or a serious weakness of the tendons and ligaments of the spine, the patient has to, first of all, focus on solving these conditions through special therapies and apply Cordus and Sacrus as therapy. adjuvant.

3. Comprehensive Cordus-Sacrus Therapy for scoliosis and rotoscoliosis

By being part of a comprehensive therapy, Cordus and Sacrus can significantly reduce your treatment times.

The scoliosis correction method consists of applying the Cordus and Sacrus devices and performing special exercises to strengthen the muscular structure.

Correction of 1-3 degree scoliosis, characterized by a curvature angle of 10 to 50 degrees, is performed as follows:

First we use the Sacrus appliance under the sacro-coccyx with a support (rolled towel) under the lumbar area, according to the basic routine of the manual. Then we place Cordus going from the lumbar area to the cervical area. Cordus should be positioned in the same direction as the axis of the spine. To end the therapy we use the Sacrus device under the diaphragm.

For cases with 20 to 50 degree bends, avoid placing Cordus on the vertebrae involved in the tightest part of the bend, where the bend changes direction. (See Fig. 1)

Eje de Cordus según la curvatura

To perform the therapy choose a moderate pressure level, which does not cause strong discomfort. The sensation during therapy should be pleasant.

If you, in addition to scoliosis, have other diseases in the spine diagnosed, consult the list of diseases (here) before applying Cordus and Sacrus and perform scoliosis therapy considering the indications for the other conditions you have.

It is important to consider that although your diagnosis indicates lumbar or dorsal scoliosis, in reality this condition affects from the sacrum to the cervical area, so you should apply Cordus throughout your spine, with greater rigor in the area of the curvature.

At the end of the therapy, the muscle tone of the spine must be reactivated, performing the exercises mentioned in Manual (basic therapy).

We suggest that, for best results, complement the comprehensive CORDUS and SACRUS therapy with exercises appropriate to your type of scoliosis to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, review and improve your lifestyle habits as they may continue to harm the problem and consume some food supplements.

For more suggestions read the manual carefully.

4. Simplified theoretical basis of the Cordus-Sacrus Method for scoliosis

Scoliosis is characterized by strong spasms in the paravertebral muscles on one side of the spine, while very weak muscles are found on the other side.

Generally, specialists agree that the area where the development of idiopathic scoliosis begins is the area of the sacrum, which initially presents an asymmetry. This asymmetry causes constant stress throughout the spine. Jonathan B. Peterson, B.A.1 and Dennis R. " __Wenger, M.D., Iowa Orthop J. 2008,

That is why it is very important, as part of comprehensive therapy, to eliminate the asymmetry of the sacrum area (area of origin of the disease), correcting it. This correction is made through the Sacrus application.

Cordus works precisely, symmetrically and deeply, the intervertebral area and manages to recover the symmetry of innervation throughout, helping to reposition the vertebrae to their original position and to decrease or reduce curvature.

Columna alineada

5. Genetic predisposition to scoliosis

There are people who have a genetic predisposition to scoliosis and according to some doctors there is nothing to do in this case. We consider that this is a wrong position, since it is very important that people with these types of conditions give permanent maintenance to their spine.

For example: when the person has a genetic predisposition to obesity but his diet and physical activity are normal, this person will not be overweight.

Columna con escoliosis

The same is true for genetic scoliosis. If the person performs good maintenance of his spine, by unloading and strengthening muscles and ligaments, exercising and taking the necessary supplements, he can avoid suffering the pain derived from scoliosis. The important thing is to start as soon as possible.

The important thing about the method of the Cordus and Sacrus devices as part of the integral therapy, is that a high level of hygiene is obtained throughout the spine in a simple and accessible way.

6. Specific application for scoliosis and other conditions.

For the use of Cordus and Sacrus there are some contraindications and specific application measures for certain conditions. If you, in addition to scoliosis, have other diseases in the spine diagnosed, consult the list of diseases (here) before applying Cordus and Sacrus and perform scoliosis therapy considering the indications for the other conditions you have.

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