CORDUS device corrects scoliosis problems of 1° and 2°. For greater problems it is posible to give relief, as long as you do not place the device on the damaged area (curvature).  SACRUS device can correct scoliosis up to 3°.

CORDUS therapies for correction of scoliosis should be done moderately, using supports. To treat this condition the basic therapy is used, after 3 sessions, emphasize the damaged area.

SACRUS for integral
therapy of scoliosis

There are different theories about the causes of scoliosis, some authors focus on the asymmetry of the lower back-sacrum area, for other authors it is not clear the exact cause of scoliosis, the so-called ideopathic scoliosis; in this case, also, according to specialists, area where the development of ideopathic scoliosis usually begins is the lower back-sacrum that initially presents an asymmetry. This asymmetry causes constant tension throughout the column [Jonathan B. Peterson, B.A. 1 and Dennis R.].

Wenger, M.D., Iowa Orthop J. 2008,
In case of not receiving therapy, progress of the curvature will rise from the low back-sacrum area towards the thoracic zone. That is why integral therapy should be focused on:

1. Avoiding the progression of scoliosis from the sacrum-low back area to the thoracic zone. The first thing to attend is the correction of the sacrum-low back area.
2. Performing exercises to strengthen the muscle corset in the sacrum-low back and thoracic zones.

By including the CORDUS and SACRUS devices in the integral therapy for scoliosis, the results are enhanced and a very significant improvement is obtained. With the help of the CORDUS and SACRUS devices we can perform two functions: first one is to correct (reduce) the curvature that is originated in the sacrum-low back area through the action performed on muscles and ligaments of this area, and second one, which is performed at the end of therapy with the devices, are exercises to strengthen the muscle corset in the sacrum-low back area to reaffirm the results obtained and to prevent the progression of the disease to the upper dorsal and cervical areas.

For some doctors there is nothing to do if the person has a genetic predisposition to scoliosis. We disagree. Here’s an example: when a person is genetically predisposed to obesity but the food and physical activity are normal, this person will not be overweight. The same thing happens with genetic scoliosis. If the person does a good maintenance of the spine, by discharging and strengthening muscles and ligaments, exercising and taking necessary supplements, the pain derived from scoliosis can be avoided. The important thing is to start as soon as possible.

The important thing about CORDUS and SACRUS devices method as part of integral therapy is that a high level higiene is obtained throughout the spine in a very simple and accesible way.