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Smarthphone Neck

Lift the phone and put it in front of your eyes. Did you know that people spend between two and four hours a day with their heads tilted down to 60 degrees, forcing the neck and shoulders to excessive stress equivalent to carrying 60 pounds?

Today, more and more people suffer from a hunched back at an early age and are diagnosed with herniated discs or serious spinal problems due to the so-called “Smartphone Neck” condition related to poor posture due to the use of mobile phones. Experts suggest lift the phone mobile phone at eye level so you do not have to look down while using it.

However, when this is not enough, the best alternative to recover the health of your entire back is CORDUS and SACRUS, the innovative method you can use from home, developed by Russian scientists to avoid surgery or invasive and expensive treatments. Because of its specialized design, this effective device works on the deepest muscles of your spine that are the most damaged by the bad posture of daily life, and where masseurs and chiropractors can not reach.