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The use of the cell phone is hunching you and leaving you without mobility

Can you imagine how we transform ourselves by spending so many hours a day using the cell phone and the computer? Researchers have created a monstrous 3d figure to see how most people will look at the end of the century.

The name of this horrifying human is Mindy, who looks humpbacked, her head is forward and his neck shrunk as a result of the poor posture that humans have when using their mobile devices nowadays.

“Spending hours watching your phone tightens your neck and takes your balance off. Consequently, the neck muscles must make an additional effort to support the head, ”said one researcher.

In addition, sitting in front of the office computer for hours and hours causes the back falls on the hip, rather than be aligned.

Other changes, that the body will undergo is the text claw or the 90-degree elbow; the thickness of the skull will increase to protect from radiation; however, the brain will be reduced since sedentary lifestyle decreases its capacity, according to one theory.

How not to become Mindy as of now?

Every year we spend more and more time looking at our mobile devices and with this, we increase the risk of serious back diseases.

95% of back problems, such as poor posture, are due to a malfunction of the muscles near the spine.

On the other hand, it is equally important to remove tension in the deep muscles caused by physical activity and poor posture, since these muscle spasms do not disappear during the night, or with a massage session.

To recover the good condition of your back you can use simple orthopedic tools like Cordus and Sacrus at home. It would also help to exercise the abdominals and back muscles regularly, to give adequate support to the spine.