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This hairstyle can create a herniated disc

It has been revealed that a seemingly harmless habit can damage the spine and causes severe back and head pain. The chiropractor David Porto of the Mais Coluna Clinic in Brazil has warned that you must be careful when choosing the hairstyle you will wear throughout the day.

It is the bun or ponytail that can affect the health of your spine, since in addition to causing alopecia (hair loss), causes cervical pain and damages the muscles and cartilage of the back.

Why is it that the bun or the ponytail causes a herniated disc?

Women who use these hairstyles, unconsciously don’t seek to rest their head on the back of a chair for fear of spoiling their look, which causes the weight of the head moves forward, acquiring a bad possition that generates overload in this zone.

By tensing, these muscles lose their support function, causing the discs of intervertebral cartilage are compressed, these got inflamed producing a herniated disc. When oppression does not stop in time, it can get bigger and hurts nerves that pass through the spine which will affect mobility, the functioning of internal organs and could even lead to surgery.

What to do if the bun is your favorite hairstyle or you already have back pain or a herniated disc?

First of all you should know that in the deep intervertebral muscles is located the root of the problem, because they directly oppress the nerves and cartilages between the vertebrae.

However, when accumulating a lot of tensión, these muscles cannot relax by themselves and they are difficult to access even for masseurs, therapists and doctors. These specialists recommend the use of simple specialized devices to relax those muscles, such as Cordus and Sacrus, designed to stimulate the deeper muscles at the sides of the spine, which facilitates regeneration of the intervertebral discs and correction of herniated discs.

These devices are also very effective for conditions such as scoliosis, sciatica, lumbago, among other conditions related to the spine. You can also apply by yourself at home, to start recovering the health of your back.