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Watch out! Infertility because of the spine

Infertility due to the spine

Infertility due to the spine

The cause of infertility in women could be related to the health of the spine (by the way, although you do not feel pain) as it may be due to faults in the nervous system that passes through this area, as well as poor circulation of the blood. Trying treatments with hormones without solving problems of muscle spasms in the lumbar sacrum area may wear down your health and not be successful.

An alarming fact shows that in the world exists almost 50 million infertile couples, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). However, many are unaware that the nerves and the spinal column play a very important role in this condition.

The nervous system is the main communication canal of the whole body and its correct functioning depends on its axis, which is the spine, so when there are spasms in the deep muscles, the information of the brain to the organs does not arrive correctly.

For a woman to be fertile a series of steps must be achieved during the menstrual cycle that begins in the brain, specifically in the hypothalamus, involved in menstruation, so if there are alterations in the spine, information can not be sent adequate to the endocrine system that secretes the hormones necessary for ovulation and subsequent development of pregnancy, as well as other gynecological problems.

How to avoid and treat infertility in women?

An important step to treat infertility is to restore communication between the brain and the female reproductive organ, this is achieved by releasing the imprisoned nerves that pass through the spine.

This nervous interference can be caused by a misalignment of the spine that originates from the hip or sacral bone deviation, this causes stiffness in the deep muscles of the spine that oppress the nerves that connect with the reproductive system of the woman and that limit the circulation of blood in this important area.

Many people have this problem because of sedentary lifestyle or typical childhood falls on the pumps.

However, because it is an area surrounded by strong muscles and ligaments, treatment with a specialist requires many sessions and is quite expensive.

Another way to achieve a good result from home is the application of simple orthopedic devices such as CORDUS and SACRUS, designed to align the spine by means of the relaxation of the deep musculature of the spine.

These devices that help you treat infertility, are also effective to correct serious backache such as sciatica, herniated discs, scoliosis, low back pain, poor posture, among other conditions related to the spine.

It will also be useful, although they take more time and are more expensive, certain yoga programs to help the fertility of women, as well as consulting in health food stores supplements that improve fertility.