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Weak abdominals cause serious injury to the spine

Commonly one has the idea that a strong abdominal is a symbol of beauty, however they have an important function that goes beyond that, given that the stability of the spine depends on them to avoid and solve back pain, sciatica, bad posture, among other severe back problems that can leave a person without mobility and close to the surgery.

Although they seem to be isolated, all the muscles of the body are interconnected with each other. That is why the abdominals that surround the spine form a kind of protective girdle to maintain good postural alignment and avoid injuries.

This means that if the muscles of the abdominal girdle are weak, the organs lose their natural subjection, the diaphragm descends, this reduces the space in the area, causing the tension to increase and consequently the spine becomes overloaded.

In this way, it is easy to get herniated discs that cause sciatic pain, have a bad posture that leads to deviations in the spine and in the long run affects mobility and causes problems in internal organs such as incontinence or poor digestion.

What do I do if I have a herniated disc or sciatica?

Strengthen and maintain good muscle tone in abs and diaphragm, is essential to prevent and correct back problems. Thus, the structure of the spine remains stable, upright and in balance.

Some of the recommended physical exercises are the plates or the abdominal wheel.

Another important step of the treatment is to relax the deep muscles that surround the spine, these are difficult to access by specialists such as masseurs or chiropractors so they need numerous sessions to achieve it, since their fingers do not reach their depth.

However, you can get results from home and without having to go to an office, using the simple Cordus and Sacrus orthopedic devices, which with their specialized design manage to reach and remove tension in the deep muscles near each vertebra and the bones of the hip so that they recover their natural shape and correct alignment.

With this method the intervertebral discs manage to regenerate, the hernias disappear and they release the nerves, which solves low back pain, sciatica, stooping, deviations of the spine and all the health of the body is benefited.

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