The effective solution for Herniated Disc, Sciatic Pain, Scoliosis, Low Back Pain, Lysthesis, Sacral Correction and more, from the comfort of your home

Its therapeutic action is based on the relaxation and recovery of the muscle tone of the intervertebral fibers of the spine, which are located so deep that it is impossible for massage therapists, chiropractors and therapists to eliminate them and they are getting worse.

CORDUS is an orthopedic device that is applied along the spine and works by self-gravitation: the pressure of the body on the anatomical tips.

CORDUS exerts precise, constant and symmetrical pressure on the intervertebral zone. Its anatomical tips penetrate up to 2-3 cm and reach the deepest muscles. After 3 minutes of pressure these muscles decontract, the oppressed nerves are released and the process of regeneration of the intervertebral disc is started.

Due to the simplicity of its application, the device can not only be used professionally by specialists, but also personally and from the comfort of your home.

*A POTENTIATED therapeutic effect is achieved by applying the device throughout the entire column.

The spine is an interconnected system and to achieve a better treatment effect, it’s important to apply it, not only in the area with the condition to relieve, but throughout the spine. 

With just one device you can have a COMPLETE treatment since CORDUS works the entire spine, from the cervical area to the coccyx. 

It relieves pain and corrects all areas of the spine: Cervical, Dorsal and Lumbar-Sacral.

With just one device you can have a COMPLETE treatment since CORDUS works the entire spine, from the cervical area to the coccyx. 

It relieves pain and corrects all areas of the spine: Cervical, Dorsal and Lumbar-Sacral.

CORDUS has 3 different sides to place in each area of ​​the spine:




The main developer of the CORDUS and SACRUS devices is Yuri Koriukalov, a recognized Neurophysiologist.

Why to choose Cordus?

IS EFFECTIVE: 99% You feel relief from the first session with the device, 76% solve your problem during the first 10 sessions, 99.5% solve your problem with CORDUS.*

IS SAFE and ECONOMIC: Using CORDUS is too much economic and safe than undergoing massage, chiropractic and inversion tables. CORDUS is a device that the whole family can use throughout life.

IT IS EASY TO USE AT HOME AND CLINICS: The device comes with a detailed manual. You can use it comfortably in your home or office, also you can take it on your trips and use it on flat surfaces or sitting . It weighs less than 150 grams.


Material: Hypoallergenic plastic ABC

Weight: 200g

Dimensions: 19 cm. x 7 cm x 7 cm

Magnetization force: neodymium magnets 01.14 – 01.17 tesla

Country of origin: Russia

Do not expose to high temperatures

What’s the difference between CORDUS & CORDUS Deluxe?

The new CORDUS Deluxe has a thermoelastoplast coating on the anatomical tips. This will make you feel more comfortable during the use and the therapeutic effect will be even greater.



1. Place CORDUS on a flat surface so that the user lies on his back on the device, so that the axis of the column is located between the tips of CORDUS. This position is maintained for 3 to 4 minutes.

2. Because of the body's own weight and the innovative anatomy of each tip, the device will penetrate the deepest muscles of the vertebral system and begin to relax.

3. The user can easily adjust the pressure of the appropriate device to the state of his back to avoid any discomfort, he can also apply the device in an armchair. (Example of application in the dorsal area).


Thanks to its special design, CORDUS is able to reach the deepest muscles, it accommodates between the vertebrae, separating them slightly and increasing the space between each of them.

This helps restore nerve function, proper blood circulation and nutrition of the intervertebral discs. As a result, intervertebral discs regenerate. 

This effect is very almost impossible to achieve with traditional methods such as chiropractic, terapeutic massage or other therapies.

CORDUS is the same or more effective than other methods, with a large difference in price, it is safe, non-invasive and has

Try CORDUS and stop undergoing expensive, risky and complicated treatments. If during the first 30 days of use the results were not what you expected, you can return the device and recover your money in full.

The constant use of CORDUS will improve your spine and the rest of the body. Bad habits and daily stress can cause relapses, but you can always use the device whenever your back needs it. You can share it with your whole family. 

If you are currently undergoing some treatment, you can supplement it with CORDUS to obtain better results and avoid making additional expenses.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Using Cordus is painful?

Using CORDUS must be a painful and comfortable experience, si usa el dispositivo según el manual, no debe haber ninguna molestia. La ventaja del aparato es que siempre puedes ajustar la presión dependiendo de las condiciones de tu espalda. Consulta nuestros videos instructivos.

Does CORDUS have magnets?

The imanotherapy method is also part of CORDUS, as it contains neodymium magnets that help reactivate the proper functioning of the nerves and the good blood circulation of the deeper muscles that surround the vertebrae. In case of contraindications, the magnets can be easily removed.

Other benefits of CORDUS

Helps eliminate back pain, hip, sciatica, helps reduce herniated discs, 1st and 2nd grades scoliosis, in treatments to counteract heart problems (angina pectoris, coronary heart disease), diabetes, myofascial pain syndrome, growth retardation of children and adolescents (osteochondrosis), improves blood circulation, promotes good posture, improves the functioning of the bronchial tubes and lungs, helps in problems of stomach, intestine, liver, headache, migraine, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, problems of fertility, chronic stress, etc.


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