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Herniated discs

Sciatic pain


Low back pain


Correction of the sacrum

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It works on the deepest intervertebral muscles, where masseurs and chiropractors can not reach with their fingers. Generating intervertebral space. With only one device you can work the entire spine, from the cervical area to the coccyx.

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Most back problems are caused by muscle spasms. Massages, chiropractic and other therapies can only relax the superficial muscles, which is not enough, since the origin of the problem is in the deeper muscles.

The Russian device CORDUS is a  high-level tool patented and specialized in the method of Auto-gravitation and magnotherapy. Its design is the result of more than 10 years of research and testing performed on more than 3000 patients.

It has 3 different sides to place it in each area of the spine:


Dorsal coccyx


It is placed on a flat Surface,   the user lie face up on Cordus, so that the axis of the column is located between the CORDUS tips. This position is maintained for 3 to 4 minutes.

Thanks to the own weight of the body and the innovative anatomy of each tip, the device will penetrate into the deepest muscles of the vertebral system whitout touching the bone. After 2 minutes, these muscles begin to relax.

The user can easily adjust the pressure of the device to the condition of his back to avoid any discomfort, you can also apply the device in armchair. (Example of application in the dorsal area)

Another innovation of CORDUS is that by its special design not only goes to the deepest muscles, but it is accommodated between the vertebrae, separating them slightly and increasing the space between each of them, which helps to restore the functioning of the nerves, the adequate blood circulation and nutrition of the intervertebral discs. As a result, the intervertebral discs regenerate. This effect is very difficult to achieve with traditional methods such as chiropractic, massage or other therapies.


*Guarantee of result: you have 30 days of money back guarantee if for some reason the result is not convenient.

*Try it for
30 days, in case of dissatisfaction you can return it
* See our return policies

Important: In problems like sciatic pain, herniated discs, scoliosis, lumbago, etc, there are few alternatives to treat them.

CORDUS is equal or more effective than other methods, but with a big difference in price, it is safe, non-invasive and has a money-back guarantee.

Try CORDUS before undergoing expensive, risky and complicated treatments. If during the first 30 days of use the results were not what you expected, you can return the device and recover your money in full, so you can try other treatments.

Constant use of CORDUS will improve your spine and the rest of your body. It’s like having your own masseuse, chiropractor and acupuncturist at home. Bad habits and daily stress can cause relapse, but do not worry, you can always use CORDUS when your back needs it. You can share it with your whole family.

If you are currently undergoing some treatment,try to complement it with CORDUS, in order to obtain better results and to avoid making additional expenses.

This device is not for all the problems of the spine, there are diagnoses of genetic, neurological or degenerative origin that require specialized treatments. In these cases, CORDUS provides relief if the pain is caused by tension and muscle spasms.

Read the instructions carefully, before using the device.

EFFECTIVE: 99% Feel relief from the first session with the device, 76% solve the problem during the first 10 sessions, 99.5% solve the problem with CORDUS. *

SAFE AND ECONOMIC: Using CORDUS is much cheaper and safer than undergoing massages, chiropractic and inversion tables. A device that the whole family can use throughout their lives.

EASY TO USE AT HOME AND CLINICS: The device comes with a detailed manual. You can take it everywhere (home, office, travel) and use it on flat surfaces or when you are sitted. It weighs less than 150 grams (0.33 lb).

How is CORDUS Placed?

The use of CORDUS is very simple, it is placed on a flat surface and you lie down on it.

* Use CORDUS according to manual, see contraindications

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Therapeutic action of CORDUS

CORDUS has 3 different sides for each area of ​​the spine: cervical, dorsal and lumbar. It is placed on a flat surface so the user can lie on the device, and the axis of the spine can be located between the ends of CORDUS. Thanks to the body’s own weight, the device will penetrate the deeper muscles of the vertebral system. From the first 3 to 4 minutes, these muscles relax.

CORDUS, because of its design, fits between the vertebrae, separating them slightly and increasing the space between each of them, helping to restore their mobility, while the intervertebral discs receive adequate nutrition.

IS THE USE OF CORDUS PAINFUL? Correct use of CORDUS, according to the manual, will not cause any discomfort, the advantage of the device is that you can always adjust the pressure depending on the conditions of your back. To watch explanatory videos visit

CORDUS HAS MAGNETS: The method of magnet-therapy is also part of CORDUS, it contains neodymium magnets that help to reactivate the proper functioning of the nerves and good blood circulation of the deeper muscles that surround the vertebrae. In case of contraindications, the magnets can be easily removed.


Helps to eliminate back pain, hip pain, sciatica, helps to reduce herniated discs, scoliosis 1st and 2nd grade, in treatments to counteract heart problems (angina pectoris, coronary heart disease), diabetes, myofascial pain syndrome, growth retardation of children and teenagers (osteochondrosis), improves blood circulation, promotes good posture, improves the functioning of the bronchi and lungs, helps in problems of stomach, intestine, liver, headache, migraine, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, problems of fertility, chronic stress, etc.

What happens if I do not see results?

*Try it for
30 days, in case of dissatisfaction you can return it
* See our return policies


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