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Why do people choose Cordus & Sacrus?

1. Great disappointment with conventional methods

Most users over 35 years old mention that they are fed up with the pain returning two weeks after having the treatment applied. It is also frustrating to have sore muscles and pay for such expensive procedures to not see expected results.

2. Avoid surgery

Some Cordus-Sacrus users want to avoid surgery as well as its risks and excessive costs. What they want is a real and non-invasive option without strenuous therapies and medical visits.

3. Discomfort after surgery

Other users have already had surgery, but it wasn’t effective and they continue to have chronic back pain. A well-done surgery doesn’t always guarantee the elimination of the real cause of the pain.

4. Young people and athletes want to avoid excessive costs and go to clinics.

Another group of users is Young people with some kind of spinal ailment who received massages and chiropractic therapy. Some of these play sports.

They may not be tired due to the therapies but for them, it is difficult to visit a specialist because this represents a waste of time and constant expenses.

Young people and athletes seek in Cordus and Sacrus the option of obtaining real relief and correction without visiting doctors or specialist every time discomfort arises.

They have also found in our devices a method that can help them without having to undergo surgery at their young age or very expensive methods that do not guarantee any benefit.

We can conclude that most of our users choose Cordus and Sacrus after trying many treatments because our method allows them to treat their back conditions without visits to the doctor, additional costs, and with the assurance that if in 30 days they do not see the expected results, we will refund your money in full.