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Cordus y Sacrus
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Cordus and Sacrus are tools created by scientists, in principle for the correction and recovery of the spine. When these devices were discovered by the yogis, they were very useful for their discipline due to the DEPTH of relaxation and their high therapeutic effect in case of:

  • Herniated discs
  • Sciatic pain,
  • Bad posture
  • Scoliosis,
  • Low back pain,
  • Sacrum correction and more.

Cordus and Sacrus have anatomical tips that penetrate symmetrically and deeper into the intervertebral areas and the sacrum, reaching the deepest muscles, where neither yoga nor most other techniques (massage, chiropractic and acupressure) can reach.

The devices are applied throughout all spinal areas: Lumbar-Sacro-Coccyx, Cervical and Dorsal, thus guaranteeing a complete therapeutic effect: very gentle release and traction of each area.

Cordus and Sacrus activate the process of regeneration of the discs and release the pinched nerves that cause pain.

High therapeutic effect proven by medical protocols. It also has publications in specialized magazines.

From the comfort of your home or Yoga Studio.

Yoga Teachers

Cordus uses the method of self-gravitation (the weight of your own body) and has a specialized design to reach the deepest intervertebral muscles, where the fingers of specialists or yoga practices cannot reach. The device has 3 areas, each specially designed for each segment of the spine: cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx. It has magnets for greater efficiency.

Unlike other tools, Cordus and Sacrus give a medically significant therapeutic effect because:

  • Other devices only work on SUPERFICIAL muscles, so their therapeutic effect is much less than that provided by Cordus and Sacrus, which DO reach the deeper intervertebral muscles.
  • Unlike other devices, the Cordus-Sacrus Method performs the treatment in all areas of the spine, not only in the damaged area. This gives the enhanced therapeutic effect, considering that the spine is a highly interconnected system.
  • Cordus-Sacrus is a Method created by doctors with high academic degrees, it has clinical examinations and the official approval of the General Hospital of Saint Petersburg, among other medical entities. It has also been published in medical journals.
  • Cordus-Sacrus is not like any other tool, it is a method that has specific instructions for different diagnoses.
  • The Cordus-Sacrus Method has more than 190 video testimonials from different yogis, doctors and specialists who recommend it for the treatment of diseases such as: herniated discs, sciatica, scoliosis, etc.

Most yogis who have used Cordus have commented::


Really the sensations when using Cordus are very deep and pleasant. When the tips of Cordus open the muscles of the vertebrae and separate them slightly, a great sensation of pleasant relief comes and you want to stay more and more in your posture.


Beginner yogis use Cordus to reduce the difficult initial time, when they cannot relax and are bothered by most yoga poses. Cordus relaxes the deep muscles of the spine fairly quickly and teaches how to relax the brain and body. Beginners start enjoying yoga faster.

Advanced Yoga Teachers and Practitioners:

Advanced yoga practitioners use Cordus in their personal practice to strengthen energy flows through the main channel of the body.

According to the survey of yoga teachers, they use Cordus regularly, in their personal practice and in their yoga classes, as an auxiliary material to improve the condition of the spine and pay attention to the strengthening of energy flows through the channel. main body.

All yoga teachers point out that Cordus influences the muscles and ligaments around the spine much more deeply and intensely than other methods, because the device detects areas of tension in the body during unloading of the spine.

Cordus Guarantee CORDUS & SACRUS

The Cordus team wishes you a speedy improvement.

  • Make your return within the next 30 days after receiving your product.
  • Notify us when the shipment of the device is on the way and provide us with the guide number.
  • Once the device is received, we will review it and if everything is fine, we will refund the money in three business days.
  • The shipping cost when returning the product depends on the buyer.
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