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Wearing high heels could distort your spine and take you to surgery 👠

High-heeled footwear causes the weight of the body to move to the front, forcing to brake the natural curve of your spine. To compensate this imbalance, the body adopts a bad posture, which generates back pain and in severe cases causes irreversible injuries in the deep muscles of the vertebrae such as low back pain or scoliosis (deviation of the spine) that only can be corrected with surgery.

But what happens if heels are an essential part of your look?

Some tips to take care of the health of your back are to use wide heels that do not exceed five centimeters, as well as reduce the number of hours that are wore. In exercising the muscles of your back through yoga can strengthen the superficial muscles of your spine.

However, doctors and therapists recommend CORDUS and SACRUS as an effective 100% natural method to restore the healthy and natural position of your entire spine, thanks to its specialized design developed by Russian scientists that stimulates the deepest muscles that accumulate pain and where masseurs or chiropractors can not reach. Another advantage is that you do not have to move to receive your back therapy, because its size can be used from the comfort of your home or office, with a guarantee that it will restore the health of your back otherwise you will have reimbursement of your investment.