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Does your knee hurts? The cause is in the deviated hip

Who has not ever felt an annoying knee pain that prevents walking? Along with back pain is one of the main causes of mobility loss, which if it is not attended in time can incapacitate a person to the point of needing invasive methods such as surgery.

For this reason, almost 80% of elderly people have limited movement and 25% can no longer perform daily activities, according to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The knees are the most important joints for mobility and suffer greater wear by acting as a shock absorber and support for the entire body. Although it is a very common affliction, in many cases its cause is unknown and it is thought that it is only a confined problem.

However, few people know that the proper functioning of the knee depends on the correct alignment of the spine, specifically the sacrum-coccyx bone where several muscles and ligaments of the leg are inserted.

Sedentary or falls in childhood cause tensions in the muscles near this bone that are spasmed exert a constant and strong pressure that alters and deflects the structure of the spine, this over the years triggers serious conditions such as knee pain and hip.

How to correct the deviation of the sacrum to relieve knee pain without invasive methods?

For the hands of specialists the correction of the sacrum is a very difficult task, because it is a bone surrounded by several layers of ligament and strong muscles, so long treatments are required.

However, there is a simple device such as SACRUS, which facilitates the relaxation of deep muscles and ligaments, to attend the root cause of the discomfort in the knees, due to the displacement of the sacrum / coccyx area.

The advantage of this clinically approved device is that its application is very simple, it can even be used personally at home. And besides correcting the cause of knee pain, it can be used as part of the treatment of scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica pain, among others spine conditions.

Other recommendations to treat knee pain is the consumption of supplements to improve cartilage and exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back.